Welcoming 2017!

Best New Year resolutions to adopt that’ll really make a change in your life.

After a blast of a 2016, even though some may disagree, all in all it has been 365 days of learning and it will continue to be so in 2017. So why not add a bit of weight to the year this time around! Invest in some progressive New Year resolutions as stated below if you’ve wanted to take up one and have been out of ideas.


  1. Take up a sport.

People often say that they don’t have time for hobbies anymore but that’s just an excuse for those with poor time management. Take up a solid hobby this year; engage yourself in a sport such as badminton or even a game of cricket with your friends and family on a regular basis. Have no equipment? Well that’s what ikman is there for! Not a fan of going outdoors? Well then video games are a great stress reliever. It’s got the multiplayer option as well. Browse through the console that fits your budget and requirements through ikman.


  1. Learn to play an instrument.

If you’re a guy, then there’s no better way to anyone’s heart if you do know how to play a musical instrument. Be it guitar, piano, organ or drums; if you’re good with your music the more admirers you will tend to have. So why not learn a new skill this year and surprise those loved ones! It is also an added qualification; why not give it a go?


  1. Get a pet!

If you’ve already got one, why not get another? It’ll be a different, yet rewarding experience. Even if you’re not an animal lover, you’ll turn into one in no time. You will also inculcate so much patience, love and tolerance which are traits every individual must develop. Get yourself a dog; from German Shepherds to Pomeranian, Labradors to Retrievers as you please. Not looking for dogs? Well why not have birds instead? A parrot to keep you company may be?


  1. Home gardening.

Many homes with small spaces always seem to be a worry when it comes to home gardening, but you can always stick to small plants which stay small when fully grown. Finding it tough to get seeds and plants? Well, you’re hassle free thanks to ikman! Search through a varied catalog of plant varieties, which are ideal for limited spatial gardening. You won’t be disappointed. There’s no other joy in the world which could match up to the feeling you get when preparing a meal by picking fruits and vegetables from your very own home garden!


  1. Work out!

Not implying that anyone should lose or gain weight, but merely stay fit! If you do not enjoy rushing to the gym after work, or you do get lazy once in awhile, you can always opt for a home gym by getting some fitness equipment. Resort to fitness equipment that could give you a full body workout and say hello to working out at any preferred time at your own convenience. Gone are the days you had to worry about renewing your gym membership. Let 2017 be the year you start your own gym!