10 Cool Mobile Phone Apps For Sri Lanka

When you are in Sri Lanka, it’s important that you have all of the mobile phone apps that you need. Whether you have an Apple iPhone or another type of smartphone, there are a considerable number of apps that you can download. Each can save you time, money, or offer you some kind of other convenience.

There are 10 cool apps that everyone should have.

Sri Lanka Train Schedule

This app makes it easy to see the train schedule for all of the Sri Lanka railways. It is connected to Lanka Gate, ensuring you know when the train is arriving and departing. You can view the timetables, the schedules and the ticket prices. It’s possible to filter by time, see when the next train is coming, and view the schedule by day. This makes it possible to get to where you need to go without missing a train. When you rely on public transportation, this is an app that you want to make sure you download.

ESPN Cricket App

There is an ESPNcricinfo Cricket app that you can download so that you can find out about all of the scores, player statistics, breaking stories and exclusive content for cricket. This is one of the most popular sports throughout Sri Lanka and you never have to be without the information that you desire so you can stay up-to-date. The content can be found in the form of text, video and audio, which means you can replay critical scenes from the game and much more. Many of the games are even updated live so you can find out who is playing and who is in the lead when you’re not in front of a television.

Helakuru Sinhala Input

If you have ever been frustrated with your QWERTY keyboard because it won’t allow you to type in Sinhala, you can change all of that with the app from Bhasha Lanka. The app is for Android mobile phones and it allows you to use Helakuru so that you can type into your mobile keyword. There is also word prediction support, which ensures that you are able to type in Sinhala faster than ever before.

Sinhala Dictionary Offline

The Sinhala Dictionary Offline allows you to translate back and forth between Sinhala and English. The best feature of this app is that it operates online, so there is no need for an Internet connection. You can learn the meaning of certain words, translate phrases and do much more. The database features more than 160,000 words, so you are never without the translations that you need. It makes it easy to converse, read signs, and do much more without having a language barrier stand in your way.


MobiTV is a Sri Lanka TV guide. It allows you to learn about all of the TV programs and live webcasts provided by TV channels in Sri Lanka. This ensures you know when you favorite shows are playing throughout the week. There are weekly programs and it’s possible to watch live with online streaming of many of your shows. Additionally, there is the possibility to add reminders to all of the shows. This will send you an alert when one of your shows are on so that you know when they are starting. If you have a 2G, 3G or Wi-Fi connection, you will be able to watch the TV channels from the Android app without having to leave the app or be in front of a TV.

Skype for iPhone

When you have the Apple iPhone, you will want to explore Skype for iPhone. This allows you to Skype with friends and family from all over the world. Depending on the Internet connection that you have, you can keep it simple with text messaging or you can establish a video chat connection. There is also the possibility to talk over the phone with someone from anywhere in the world if you have their phone number, though this latter option has an additional cost. Otherwise the cost of using Skype is absolutely free.

Google Maps

Have you ever needed to know how to get around in Sri Lanka? Whether you are driving within your neighborhood or you want to drive from Colombo to Kandy, the Google Maps app will help you get there. There are multiple features within the map. You can determine how you want to get there – such as avoiding certain types of roads. You can also choose to take a driving route, public transportation or walking. The app provides a map, written directions, and audio to ensure you know what turns you need to take. The map updates as you move and will make adjustments if you take a wrong turn so that you can always reach your destination.

Photo Editor by Aviary

Coast to coast, Sri Lanka has some stunning views. When you are using your smartphone to take pictures of landscapes, cityscapes or even people, you want to make sure they look amazing before you share them in social media or email them to a friend. The app allows you to touch up a photo in a professional way. You can remove red eye, use various filters, and even add stickers and frames to make the photos a little more fun. Even the photos that don’t look that great can look amazing once you change the lighting, adjust the contrast, and even make the color photo a black and white or sepia toned one. The Photo Editor app is one of the best mobile phone apps out there and one you should definitely have.


Music is a large part of the culture in Sri Lanka. Whether you hear a song at the store, in the car, or live somewhere and you cannot place it, Shazam can help you. This is a mobile app that will listen to the song and compare it against its library. If you have an Internet connection, it will show up within seconds to tell you the artist and song title so that you can know all about what it is that you are hearing. There is also a feature within Shazam that will then allow you to shop for the song so that you can add it to your own music library.


ComBank is the app that allows you to connect with Commercial Bank, one of the most common banks to bank with in Sri Lanka. With this app, you have the ability to learn all about your finances without going onto a computer and without stepping foot into a bank. You will be able to log in to your account with password encryption, set up fund transfer alerts, make bill payments and much more. This provides you with 24-hour access to your finances so that you always know what’s going on.

There are all sorts of apps that you can get for your mobile phone. While some are able to do more than others, they can be loaded onto your phone to save you time and make it fun to have a smartphone. In addition to the 10 apps that are listed specifically for things to do in Sri Lanka, you can also find games and other forms of entertainment.

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