Premium Members Enjoy a New Range of Value Additions

ikman Premium Membership package is currently witnessing a surge of interesting features. These new value additions are specifically designed to equip members to outpace competing ads and market their products successfully. Both Plus and Premium Membership packages provide an array of features to support businesses on ikman, Sri Lanka’s leading e-commerce marketplace. 

The Premium Membership brings another four compelling benefits to the table, serving members with an improved opportunity to do more and better business. The upgraded Premium Membership offers the following new features:

Premium Membership Badge

A bright yellow star symbol next to the business name distinguishes the seller as a Premium Member on ad postings. This allows users to identify the vendor as a Premium Member at a glance, acknowledging the business’s credibility. Customers prefer to purchase from recognised sellers, increasing the chances of a sales lead.

Post More Ads

Premium Membership allows members to post ads 10 times more than a Plus Membership. Since ikman’s algorithm works by refreshing new ads, this becomes a marvelous opportunity for sellers to communicate their good or service using a greater number of ads. Thus additional views are guaranteed. Ideal for members who want to advertise an extensive product range.

Extra Promotion

Members are given vouchers to redeem for ad promotions such as a Top Ad, Bump Up and Urgent Promotions. These tools accelerate the views and responses gained by a general ad. Premium Membership offers its members 4 times more vouchers to utilise the range of promotional tools stacked under promotional options. This acts as a massive bonus for sellers to reach customers more effectively.

Additional Images Allowed

A general ad on ikman permits 5 images, forcing the seller to demonstrate their product within a limited scope. Premium Membership completely rewrites this by letting vendors post twice as much as they did before, with a maximum of 20 images for every ad (limits vary based on category prerequisites). More pictures attract more interest, creating a remarkable visual impact on potential customers. 

Search Within a shop

Premium Members can enjoy the full benefits of a search feature. Along with the membership comes a “Search” bar on the shop page. This allows customers easy access to the product range available at the shop and simplifies the browsing experience. As a relatively new feature, currently this functions on both desktop and mobile web, and will be subsequently released for Android and iOS.

At ikman, Premium Members are at the forefront of our thinking. A high standard of service quality is guaranteed while upcoming features aimed at this market allows for optimal results for our members. We work based on their feedback, aiming to offer them the best of our resources. 

Be the first to learn and obtain all the cool new stuff we’ve been developing for you! Watch this space for more.  

Call our membership Hotline on 0112 350 350 & inquire on special discount offers when you upgrade your membership from Plus to a Premium.

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