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5 Things Smart People Consider Before Buying a New Car

So now you’re eager to drive away your new car. Congratulations! It’s an exciting prospect but do you also know that there are multiple aspects you need to consider before giving away all your money on what seems like the “ideal” car?

A vehicle is your closest associate, and if you spend quite a lot of time commuting, then the quality and condition of your car can affect you on a daily basis.

We’ve rounded up five tips that ought to help you make the correct car choices.

Cost of ownership

The daily running expenses and maintenance cost will be a constant cash outflow hence why you need to make calculations as accurate as possible before you invest in your new car. This includes fuel cost and efficiency, insurance premiums as well as repair costs. Try to keep your car-related expenses to a maximum of about 15-20% of your monthly budget.

Petrol is more expensive than diesel. However diesel variants cost more and can push up maintenance costs. Fuel-efficient cars save you substantial money in the long run. Insurance premiums can go up the more expensive the car is therefore check your possible rates with the insurance company before you buy that vehicle you’re eyeing. Do not neglect the price and availability of replacement parts. That way, you can avoid running into major hassles in the event of any casualties.

Quality & Technology

You need to check the interior and exterior with meticulous care. Inspect the vehicle body condition (even if the car is new!) for dents, signs of accidents, and the engine condition. A test drive is crucial – notice if any unusual noises are emitting or for warnings on the dashboard. Keep an eye (and ear) out for indication of anything peculiar.

Apart from that, look out for the features such as; legroom, storage, comfort and also technology features that comes with the car. Advanced safety features, are other aspects you need to align with your needs. Pay for only features you need and not for unnecessary technology that isn’t quite what you’re looking for, no matter how fancy and sophisticated it seems.


You don’t find new cars with zero mileage. Moving around the factory, driving to and off the transport when they are sent to dealerships, routine maintenance and test drives add miles to the odometer, hence why the cars will have a certain mileage even in its pristine condition. However, ensure it is not over-used. There’s no accurate figure of an acceptable mileage for new cars but the lower it is, the better.

Resale Value

Do your research before you purchase a new car. As chances of you selling it off at a later date when you replace it for any other reason, are a definite possibility. Furthermore, knowing roughly how much it is likely to be worth in the future will also help you make wiser car decisions.

Check for the manufacturer year. Older the vehicle, lower the resale value. A vehicle that is widely available in the market is also likely to have a lower resale value.

Budget & Finance

Always stick to a specific budget before you decide to go “car shopping”. The numerous options available in the market can make it quite a difficult prospect but proper research will help you negotiate better deals.

How will you finance the purchase? If full cash payment isn’t viable, then you can opt for a bank loan or financing options offered by the dealer.

Our teamwork with you to help you identify the best financing options with our partners. We offer 360-degree services from documentation up until you drive your dream vehicle away.

Get in touch with us for assistance. Make your preferred car yours today!

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