8 Reasons to Keep Your CV Updated

When you’re happy with your current job, it doesn’t seem like it would be worth your time to update your CV. After all, you don’t really need it right now. However, even if you’re not currently looking for jobs in Sri Lanka, it’s a smart idea to keep it up to date. You never know when vacancies might pop up, or when you might need it for something else.

Updating Duties
The projects and duties of those working IT jobs can vary greatly. You might work on three or more different projects throughout the year. If you don’t update your CV as the project happens, you may struggle to remember all of the duties you had for the project, especially if you’re trying to remember a project you worked on more than a year ago. Instead, add that information as it happens so that it’s fresh in your mind and you don’t have to rely on your memory.

Adding Specifics
Putting specifics in your CV will make it stand out from the crowd when you do decide to look for jobs in Colombo or elsewhere. Use real numbers and statistics, such as “saved $450 by changing suppliers” or “increased productivity by 17 percent”. These hard facts improve your CV and it’s easy to remember the specifics soon after you’ve measured the results form your work.

Remembering Details
As you work in various office jobs, you might get a promotion or take a class to help your career. When you add this information to your CV, you need to include specific dates and other details. If years have passed since you were promoted or took the course, it can be difficult to remember whether you took on the new job duties in August or October. A quick update to the resume ensures you get the details right.

Submitting for Promotions
Even when you’re happy with your company, there are often opportunities to take the next step. When the company lists an opportunity, you want to be ready to jump at it. When your CV is already updated, it’s easy to send it off to the human resources department for consideration. If you had to spend time updating the CV, it could take an extra day or two for you to submit your application. A quick submission shows that you’re extremely interested in the position.

Picking Up Side Work
Taking on side work, such as freelance IT jobs can boost your CV and help you earn a bit of extra cash. It’s smart to have an up-to-date CV handy to pass on as soon as you hear about a potential gig. If there’s a delay in sending the CV because you’re busy updating it, there’s a chance that the job could go to someone else.

Including New References
No matter when you apply for your next job, the potential employer is going to ask you for a reference. It’s smart to build your list of references during times when you’re not actively looking. After you’ve worked with someone for awhile, ask them if you can include them on your reference list, and ask for contact information. Then, when you need the references for something, they’re handy.

Taking Advantage of Opportunities
Looking for a new job isn’t the only time you might need to have your CV handy. You might need it when submitting an application for a volunteer opportunity, when someone nominates you for special recognition or when you want to apply to be a speaker at a conference. In cases like this, you don’t want to be fully updating your CV. Instead, you just want to make a few minor tweaks to the wording so that it better reflects the purpose for submission.

Applying for New Jobs
Finally, you want your CV updated just in case an advertisement for your dream job pops up. You may be perfectly happy doing the job that you’re doing right now, but you never know when a better opportunity might pop up. Something might come along with better pay, more room for advancement or even something simpler, like a shorter commute time. When this happens, you want to get your CV on the desk of the hiring manager as quickly as possible, rather than losing time updating it. Having a current CV makes it really easy to send it off with an appropriate cover letter.

You don’t need to be actively looking for employment to keep your CV updated. A periodic update to include new information soon after it happens ensures that you’re remembering all the details of your duties and that your CV is ready to submit anywhere you might need it. A few minutes of updates here and there is a lot easier to manage than an hour of full updates.