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Basic car maintenance – how to save money!

People who own cars have no better way to save money and make sure their autos last as long as possible for the least cost than by doing their own maintenance. When car owners have the tools and skills to do even just basic maintenance on their cars, they can make them last much longer and save a lot of money over years of use. That makes it easier to afford a good vehicle that is reliable, safe and comfortable to drive.

All autos have parts that wear out over time and need to have fluids and different parts replaced to keep them running in their best condition. When those basic maintenance items are neglected and ignored, bigger and much costlier mechanical problems come up later. So learning how to do even just basic maintenance can keep a new or used car running it great shape and costing less to maintain and fuel up for trips.

All Autos Have Maintenance Books Available

To save money on basic maintenance, it takes two things. The first is tools that will get the job done properly. For an auto of any kind, that means at least a basic set of hand tools, such as wrenches, ratchets, screwdrivers, hammers, pliers, vice grips. C-clamps and many others. Specialized tools, like those needed for working on drum brakes, hydraulic lines and cooling systems, will be needed to make sure the work is done right and to lessen the chance of breaking fasteners and parts. A good car jack and some jack stands also are necessary to safely raise the vehicle and ensure it won’t fall and injure or kill someone while working on it or further damage the vehicle.

Once tools are acquired, the second thing needed to save money on basic maintenance is information on how to get it done. If there are no mechanics in the family and no friends to share their expertise, virtually all makes of cars have maintenance books that will tell people how to do basic maintenance on specific vehicles. Someone who drives a Nissan car can find information on how to maintain and do basic repairs to their vehicles as needed.

Tune Ups, Oil Changes and Other Easy Maintenance

With the right tools and some easy-to-follow instructions from a dedicated repair manual, nearly anyone capable of reading and turning a wrench can perform a basic tune up tasks on virtually any vehicle. One of the most basic is making sure spark plus, spark plug wires and distributors are in top shape. Replacing the items is simple to do and costs very little when compared to the benefits of a better, stronger engine that gets much better fuel economy.

With most vehicles now having four cylinders, buying four spark plugs is pretty simple and can be done online to save some money. People can go to the sites of discount car parts companies and order the right spark plugs by inputting the information on their vehicles. Once the plugs are purchased, they will need to be gapped properly to produce the right spark length before being installed. The easiest way to install spark plugs and their wires is to replace each plug and then its corresponding spark plug wire before moving on to the next one. If the car has a distributor and it needs to be replaced, that can be done easily, too.

Easy to Do Most Brake Work on Cars in Sri Lanka

Brakes are another common maintenance item that people mostly can fix on their own for much less than repair shops will charge. Most brakes are wither disc brakes, which are very simple to work on, or drum brakes, which are less effective than disc brakes and more difficult to work on but cheaper for manufacturers to place on vehicles. When it comes to brake parts, new is the only way to go. It is nearly impossible to find used brake parts, although turned rotors and rebuilt calipers can be found for good deals. And used calipers that are in good condition still might be available for relatively cheap.

Given the important safety role played by brakes, many retailers do not want to sell used parts and run the risk of being sued if they prove to be defective and cause an accident. But quality rebuilt and some salvage parts can be found, mostly rotors, calipers and their mounting brackets. Brake pads never will be sold used because they mostly do get used up. New brake pads can be very affordable and won’t cost a lot of money to replace. Drake drums can be costlier to work on, but replacing the pads inside them also is affordable and easy for home mechanics to do with the right tools and instructions.

Changing Fluids, Filters and Rotating Tires Keeps Vehicles Running Smoothly

Another simple and effective at-home maintenance item that anyone can do is rotating the tires and changing fluids to ensure everything runs smoothly. Rotating tires every 7,000 kilometers or so will help to keep them running true and prevent tires from developing bad spots that can affect handling and shorten the life of the tires. Proper tire rotation also can prevent the need for an alignment in all too short of a time.

A manual can help to determine the type and amount of oil, brake fluid, hydraulic fluids and coolant a car in Sri Lanka needs to run properly. Without the right types and levels of fluid, engines wear faster and break down sooner, making it more expensive to repair second hand cars that many people choose to purchase in Sri Lanka in communities like Colombo. But when maintained properly and for less cost, the used cars will last a lot longer while costing less to keep on the road than when ignoring important maintenance items that can be done at home.

Salvage Yards and Online Stores Have Many Good Car Parts

No matter the condition of cars for sale, sooner or later, their parts will wear out. An alternator or starter motor are good examples of car parts that ultimately will wear out and need replacing. Fortunately, many cars for sale also have damaged counterparts in local salvage yards where good used salvage parts can be bought that have a lot of life left in them and will cost a fraction of new parts. Starters and alternators are among the many good parts that can be found at salvage yards for a fraction of what new or even rebuilt parts would cost through parts retailers.

Online car parts sources also offer great savings on the parts people need. Unfortunately, it does take longer to order parts online, and if the wrong part is ordered, it could take several days or more to get the right parts. But when an online store offers the right part at a good price, it is nearly impossible to find a better deal. A good online retailer can help owners of cars in Sri Lanka to find good deals on parts. When people can find good deals on parts and do their own vehicle maintenance, it is easier to locate the best cars for sale that are reliable.

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