Best online education methods for students in Sri Lanka

Online education is becoming a global trend. With the COVID-19 global pandemic hitting us hard, the traditional education system could not be continued for more than a year. School and university children were significantly impacted by this situation. Many schools and universities teach online during the pandemic, but many obstacles have been getting in the way.

Some students face trouble with their internet connections, while some students find it hard to adapt to the online education system. Being unable to raise questions most of the time, and not being able to take notes parallelly, or simply hit pause, were some problems many have faced. 

While following these classes might be useful, we found a few other solutions that can help students with their studies. We will discuss the methods available for school children as well as university students. 

While learning online from your beloved teachers and lecturers might feel comfortable and convenient, several online education sites offer the same lessons in a more visual, simplified way. You must have come across at least one of these sites mentioned below. 

Meanwhile, we cannot forget about how useful YouTube is to learn a simple math problem or even a complex engineering problem. From arts and crafts to Science and Technology, YouTube has everything you need and more. New videos are being uploaded every minute. Make sure to check the number of views, likes and dislikes, and if the comments are positive or negative. That way, you can easily find reliable and authentic content. 

Online learning platforms in Sri Lanka

In addition to the international websites we discussed, there are quite a few platforms for learning online, developed by Sri Lankans. It is commendable how Sri Lanka has been focusing on online education during the past few years, staying up-to-date with global trends. 

The evolution from curriculums explained in video format or teaching online using a mere whiteboard and a camera, to complex learning management systems is wonderful. Sri Lanka now provides learning platforms with interactive learning methods., DP Education, Candela learning, Nenasala are some of the most popular online learning platforms developed in Sri Lanka. 

In addition to these, there are many sites you can find and connect with tutors online. These portals mention the tutors, their qualifications, and methods you can contact them. A simple Google search can land you on many options. 

However, did you know you have an easier method to find the best, most reliable online education in Sri Lanka? Ikman got you covered! Head over to ikman education to check thousands of online class listings to find the best match for you. 

Not only does ikman feature thousands of listings to find the best online classes, but it also helps you find tutors for home visits, institutions that give you the practice and training for language and subject related examinations, and finds you all the support you need if you’re having trouble completing your assignments and research. 

Ikman’s listings will help you find all the help you need to successfully study online by providing you with the information of the experts in your field. You can even find books related to your field of studies for reasonable prices. 

Is online education effective?

Online education can be effective if the delivery method suits the learner. Some students prefer learning through videos, some by asking questions, and some others prefer self-studying. We cannot guarantee which method works best for you, but experimenting with them all will help you determine the best method for you. 

A reliable internet connection can be a lifesaver for students who are learning online, so make sure to invest in a connection with good coverage and less hassle. Take notes during the classes, and if the mode of delivery is live, ask questions when you have doubts. 

For more information on online classes, educational services, institutions and more, head over to ikman and Browse Education in Sri Lanka


What are the benefits of online education?

Online education provides students with the convenience of learning from their own place. Some of the learning methods can be pursued at a convenient time. Students can create a comfortable learning environment without having to travel to learn.

What is the best online learning method?

Interactive learning is the best method of learning to grasp complex theories and concepts. However, ideal learning methods can vary from person to person depending on their level of intelligence and the type of attitude and mindset.

How do I find online classes in Sri Lanka?

You can browse through the ikman education category to find many tutors and classes. Additionally, there are other websites and social media communities where you can find classes. Your friends, peers and colleagues can recommend classes for you as well.

What is the difference between online and in-class education?

Students can interact with one another, and with the teacher during in-class education. Raising and clarifying questions is easier with this method. Online education can distant the students from one another, however, it can be more convenient and comfortable for some students.

Will online education continue in the future in Sri Lanka?

While the schools and universities will go back to normal, in-class education soon in the future, online learning platforms and websites will continue to bring up more interactive content that can be useful for your studies.

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