Best pets to keep if you live in a small apartment

Let’s face it. Although apartment dwellers are often pet lovers too, various characteristics about apartments can make pet ownership extremely challenging. If you live in a small apartment, there are some things you should likely consider before you go scouring the “Pets for Sale” section of your local classifieds.

Space: Consider the size of your apartment, the number of people that live with you, and other pets you might have. If you live in a small apartment it might be wise to consider animals that do not require a lot of room for activities. Although your first thought might be more along the lines of animals that spend most or all of their time in cages like hamsters, lizards, birds or fish, other animals can be good choices as well. Small dogs, and even some larger breeds that are less active work out well in small apartments. Another alternative is to consider cats or kittens. Cat lovers appreciate their small size, soft meows and ability to be left alone indoors for extended periods of time if need be.

Outdoor Access:If you have been leaning more toward getting a dog for your apartment, it may be wise to think about how easy (or difficult) it might be to access the outdoors. If you have direct access to the outdoors from your apartment, this may not be an issue at all. If not, will you have the time and ability to accompany your dog outside to go potty frequently? Is there a safe area where your dog can get adequate exercise? While puppy pads and indoor potty training products are absolutely an option, you might ask yourself if it is really something you want to deal with on a daily basis. If the answer is no, another type of animal is likely a better choice.
Terms of Your Apartment Community: Many apartment communities have certain stipulations when it comes to pets. While some communities only accept certain types of animals, others place restrictions on size, and still others only allow certain breeds. Check with your community before you commit to adopting your new pet.

Many people who live in small apartments choose to adopt a cat or kitten in order to avoid a lot of the inconveniences that are involved with other types of animals. Cats and kittens are actually the most popular type of pet that is selected by small apartment dwellers, and for many good reasons.
A cat is typically smaller in size than a dog.
It can be left to roam about the house, unlike fish, hamsters, or other caged animals.
A cat typically uses a litter box instead of needing to go outdoors
A cat doesn’t bark or make loud noises.
There is less activity required with a cat.

If, after considering your own unique situation, you have decided to consider adopting a cat or kitten, there are a number of places that you can begin searching for your new pet. Probably one of the best places to start is right here at You have the option of choosing the location that is nearest you or selecting a category for your search. In order to find updated listings of animals available, select the animals category and type in “cats for sale” or “kittens for sale” in the search box. Classified advertisements will appear that will give you more information about the animals available, provide the price of the animal, and in some cases even display a picture. If you see a cat or kitten that seems just right for you, you have the option of contacting the seller to arrange for more information or a meeting.

Once you have selected your new pet, it might be a good idea to prepare your apartment before you bring your new friend home. The following tips will help to ensure that both you and your apartment are ready for your pet.

Food, Water and Treats: Before you bring your new pet home, be sure you have an adequate supply of pet food, water and treats on hand. There is a wide variety of pet foods that are designed to provide your new pet with the nutrition that he or she needs in order to be healthy and happy. Additionally, keeping a supply of treats on hand will help make training more simple.
Pet Accessories: Regardless of the type of pet you choose, you will most likely need to purchase some type of pet accessories for your new friend. Besides a food and water bowl, your new pet might need special toys or a kennel or cage. If you have chosen to adopt a cat, you may wish to purchase things like scratching posts and cat towers as well.
Safety:You will want to make certain that your pet is safe in his or her new home. Inspect your apartment for any vent openings, loose wires, or other potential dangers. Younger animals like to chew on things, so try to be sure that things are kept put away and out of reach to ensure that your pet doesn’t cause damage to something or become hurt. Be sure to check any outdoor areas that your pet may have access to as well, and remove any potential hazards.

Choosing to adopt a new pet when you live in a small apartment can be a big decision. By taking the time to evaluate the type of pet you would like to have and what type of pet fits your lifestyle the best, comparing pets for sale in your area, buying the necessary food and accessories and preparing yourself and your home for your pet’s arrival, you can rest assured that you will have an exciting and wonderful experience with your new friend.