Buying your house to make it a perfect home.

Recently we spoke of popular trends that are actively looked into before moving into a new house or apartment. However this article emphasizes on what you and I communally believe as a versatile trait in a home. It may be the convenience or accommodative factor which makes them the most searched for options when buying ones dream home.

  1. More than a two rooms is always a winner.

Even though spatial issues are common in the city, people believe that the accommodative factor is essential even if an individual is extremely antisocial or socially awkward and would never have people staying over. More the rooms, better the house is a general ideology which still floats around and is actively searched for. A long lost relative traveling quite a distance to see you? Fret not, because your home doubles up to provide accommodation to all those emergencies.


  1. Rooms with attached bathrooms

Everyone of us enjoys personal space and the bathroom is one of those areas which subconsciously or otherwise, people look into very carefully. Some even enjoy spacious bathrooms over bedrooms as they spend most of their time in there and value privacy. We’ve all dreamt of a nice soak in the tub after a long day and this option has a positive response mostly when the rooms have their attached bathroom with it, which provides a sense of security for anyone uncomfortable sharing a bathroom.


  1. Patio

Who doesn’t like to sip their evening tea on the patio or enjoy a nice BBQ with friends once in awhile? Not everyone enjoys the hassle of going out to fancy places but enjoys the comfort of their own home specially after a tough days work. A little outdoor space is highly recommended and an essential in every home.


  1. Store room or spare room facility

Not every time we are able to accommodate all our belongings at home each time we move. But you need this room to stack up some old memorabilia, your ironing board or even be able to turn it into a maids room when the need arises. This is a must have in every home to prevent cluttering and to serve multiple purposes when the deemed to be necessary.

  1. Rooftop luxury

If it’s a house, and you need to host a dinner, why not do it on the rooftop for a change.  Most who prefer peace of mind, stargazing or even want to throw a party would prefer outdoors and entertain the idea of a rooftop lounge over living room entertainment. Nevertheless, living room space is still a necessity and the revamped version of it would be undeniably the rooftop.


  1. Less spatial yet modern furniture and technology

Furniture are like the attire of a person which makes or breaks the house in terms of many aspects such as the looks, feel, comfort, convenience and spatial attribute. The least space taking up furniture or equipment is modern living. Installing latest technologies such as the slimmest TV blending with the wall art or sensor enabled electrical systems are an excellent catch for those who are on the look out for the least time consuming yet fashionable options. Who wouldn’t like to clap their hands to command the lights to be switched on or off.  I know I would!