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Convertible cars; get to know them better.

Convertibles or cabriolets are quite the hype nowadays. Imagine passing the scenery by with nothing but the vast sky above your head. Convertible cars can be ideal for a sunny day and calm weather to drive around and enjoy. However, there are a few things you need to know about convertibles. Let’s dig in deep and see.

What are convertibles? Convertible cars have retractable roofs that can either be folded down or kept up. These allow you to experience an open-air driving experience. The method the roof retracts can depend on the model and the manufacturer. Depending on the weather, your mood, and your purpose of travel, these can either look like a normal car or a joyous ride. The best thing about buying a convertible is the driving experience while being able to enjoy the fresh air and the sceneries with the naked eye. These are ideal for countries with calm, sunny weathers.

Take a seat in the cabriolet…

Cabriolet is the french word for convertibles, which sounds rather classy. In the good old days, there were only 2 seats in most convertible cars, but nowadays, we can see 4-seater sedans too. Most of them feature two doors, though. We see quite a limited space in the boot due to the roof occupying most of it when folded down. It’s best to check both space options, roof up and roof down before you buy. Also, you can choose not to retract the roof when you need to transport more goods in your boot space. 

Soft-top or hard-top convertible cars?

Convertible cars come in two roof types. Soft-top, and hard-top. Let’s discuss a few differences between these two. Soft-top roofs are often made of vinyl or canvas. Both of these materials are very hard to maintain. They require special care since they can be easily damaged. Hard-top covers however are quite durable and made out of the same materials as the rest of the body. They look more sleek and glossy too. The price point, however, is way higher for hard-top convertibles. Compare between the two and make the best choice for you.

Hold up, what about my safety?

A pop-up rollbar comes with most modern convertibles to ensure safety if a rollover occurs. Blind-spot warning systems, parking sensors, and rearview cameras can be very handy for convertible cars. Most of them feature small rear windows, therefore larger blind spots. We see airbags that deploy from the seats in some of the high-end convertibles. Since these cars do not have side curtains like solid top cars, airbags could be crucial for you.

We see many different car types in Sri Lanka. Convertibles can be a great way to enjoy your driving experience. We see some of the most popular cabriolets here in Sri Lanka, Daihatsu Copen, BMW Z4, Porsche 718 boxter cabriolet, Mercedes Benz AMG Cabriolets, Morris Minor convertible, Mini Cooper convertible, and more.

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Is buying a convertible a good idea?

You can enjoy the weather, wind, and the pleasure of driving by owning a convertible.

Do convertibles cost more to insure?

The rule of insurance is, higher the value of the car, higher the insurance amount is. These cars are more expensive, therefore the insurance prices can be costly, too.

What are the cons of buying a convertible?

You will have to retract the roof depending on the weather, and the soft-top roofs can get damaged easily.

What are the best brands for convertibles?

There are many brands that design convertibles, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Mazda, Porsche, Audi, Mini Cooper are few of the most popular brands.

Can I customize the roofs?

Yes. You can customize the color of your roof. You can also choose between vinyl and canvas if it is a soft-top convertible.

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