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Don’t ‘kid’ yourself by settling for less! Give your kids the best gifts through ikman.

Buying gifts for kids may be the hardest task for an adult especially when the requests are often fueled with imagination or something off the television or internet.  Don’t disappoint your kids by sticking to the generic gifts! Give them what they ask for without hassle by browsing through ikman. You never know what you might unveil just by a quick search.

Remote control cars or helicopters!

There’s no age barrier for remote control cars and helicopters. Young or old, it keeps anyone with a passion for automobiles occupied and entertained. It is an exciting gift to receive and give so why not make someone happy by gifting a remote control car. You could choose from a wide range of formula1 cars as well as helicopters with cool features and let your kids be a part of the safest drag race of all time.


Probably one of the coolest inventions which might take over the world one day! Give your kids the best toy companion which can provide feedback and interact with young children. This could be greatly educational, and a fun way for your kid to enhance their communicative and cognitive skills without having to put extra effort.


Building Blocks or Lego

Old school yet extremely efficient for all enthusiastic kids who are more inclined towards building over destroying! If he/she loves bob the builder, then building blocks are one way of encouraging kids towards expanding their creative horizons. What makes it better is that you could contribute by joining in, making it an entertaining experience for the whole family.



Board Games

Smart kid? There’s nothing more a smart cookie would like more than a game of scrabble or even monopoly! Too young to be playing adult board games? Why not gift a puzzle set. You could choose from traditional puzzles or even a 3-D puzzle to wow those young ones, when they put it all together.

Dolls or Action Figures

Girlie Girl? Or even a boy who enjoys dressing up would fancy a doll or action figure to create conversation or act out scenes. These toys often help kids to develop ideas, their imagination as well as many other skills such as acting, performing helping them to rub off their awkward corners.  Many dolls have been either inspired by Disney, Nickelodeon or even Barbie and are recognized as great gifts for talkative outspoken kids at any age.

Toy Tab or Laptop

Don’t want to spoil your kids by introducing them to expensive phones, tabs and laptops? Yet you want them to have enough exposure without spoiling them? Toy Laptops and tabs are the best way to go! It is completely educational and encourages learning in a more fun and interactive manner. It is also safe and secure and doesn’t need constant worrying or adult supervision as it has been specifically designed for kids with a passion to learn. So why think twice?





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