Expanding Service Portfolio of ikman Compare

Ikman Compare came into being with its novel concept of allowing the customer to compare and contrast their options online before making their call. The initial feature offered was insurance, the success of which propelled ikman to add more services under the ikman Compare belt.

Not too long ago, ikman Compare made headlines for revolutionising how the auto leasing market worked. It offered a brilliantly curated service of enabling potential buyers to compare various leasing options available in the market and connect with leading leasing companies via ikman Compare’s online portal.

Now, ikman Compare grows larger and more comprehensive, and even more ambitious in serving customer needs. Added to its latest portfolio are personal loans and mortgage services. This enables you to compare the best options in the marketplace before you close the deal.

How does ikman Compare work?

Ikman Compare is a specialised landing-page dedicated for the following areas:

  • Insurance
  • Auto Leasing
  • Personal Loans
  • Mortgage Loans

These being financial necessities in peak demand among the local community, ikman sprang to action to make the process more transparent, economical and convenient. The solution was ikman Compare, which is an online database, consisting of leading companies in Sri Lanka partnering with ikman to reach their digital market through a simplified method.

Steps Summary

  1. An AI chatbot prompts the user for details, which facilitates a filtering process.
  2. The user is provided with the best matches based on their requirements.
  3. The user can speak with us and compare the different options and select the best deal.
  4. The documentation will be sent to the customer, with a rebate of upto Rs. 5,000 being transferred to the customer’s bank account upon approval (conditions apply).


On a company’s perspective, this system guarantees leads and confirmed business whereas in the customer’s perspective, this systems quickens the process which would otherwise take days, if not weeks to drive around collecting information from one financial company to another. And of course, a never ending series of phone calls and emails going back and forth. Ikman Compare’s establishment completely eliminates such inconveniences.

Ikman Compare took another step to add value to customers by offering these services without the need for guarantors for a loan value of less than Rs. 5 million and a rebate of Rs. 5000 on the documentation charges with some partners. A doorstep approach associates ikman Compare, which means a team member brings your documentation straight to your doorstep, saving you from unnecessary hassle and time drain within Greater Colombo and suburbs.

Visit  https://compare.ikman.lk/en/compare