Finding your dream job!

Currently tired of your job and need a change of names and faces? Tiring working hours and you want to call it quits and work on your passion? Lost your job recently? Well if any of these questions seem too close to home, there’s nothing to fear as job hunting has never being easier than this!

When seeking for your ideal job, there are questions that you may want to ask yourself to streamline the process for best results.

Where would you want to work in terms of geographical location? Is it Colombo you prefer? Or would you enjoy a little away from Colombo, like Gampaha or Galle, or is it completely away from the capital that you prefer? I mean who wouldn’t like to work in Nuwara Eliya, Kandy or even Trincomalee!


Once you decide on the location, do some soul searching on what you’re passionate about. Passion can be something you are good at or something you’ve dreamt of doing all your life but never got to it. If your passion is writing like mine, and you’ve got some experience, the process becomes easy. However, if you’re unsure of your capabilities and skills and you’re new to world of working, go with jobs that doesn’t require prior experience or provides a training for you to learn how to execute your duties.

This is ideal if you are a school leaver or less than 30 years of age in order to enter the working sphere and get a feel of it. If you want to gain experience or obtain the feel of a work environment for the first time, an internship would give you the exposure you need.


Are you a person tired of sticking by 9-5 and want to work from home or make extra income besides your full-time job? Take up a part time, contract or freelance job that requires minimal leg work and tops up your bank account. However, if you are energetic and into leg work, there’s driving, delivery and sales jobs which requires activeness and energetic individuals.

Want to be self-employed? Or start your own little business or initiative? You can do so with the help of few people with the same passion as you. May it be cookery, sewing, fashion designing, painting, photography or even teaching. Get yourself some like-minded individuals to brainstorm and start your own initiative.


Not so satisfied with the salary scale you receive here, and want a change of scene? You can now work overseas without any hassle; may it be to the middle east or the pacific, it is completely at your discretion.

If you are interested in traveling, experiencing and have an open mind, there are plenty of opportunities which includes traveling to various destinations. You could look out for travel, airline or marine jobs that would help you to achieve your bucket list and make it to some of those sweet destinations which was once a dream. Similarly, if you are not much of a big traveler fan, but you do enjoy meeting people and you are a social butterfly, then hospitality and tourism should be right up your alley.


Finding your perfect job isn’t easy, but if it makes you happy then you’ve come a long way.

Take a chance and be passionate, to unveil the skills hidden within you!