ikman Delivers

Need help with delivering your products to customers?
With ikman Delivers you can deliver your goods within Colombo and its suburbs.

ikman Delivers is specially designed to assist sellers on ikman.lk to reach a larger audience. Now you can order deliveries within Colombo and its suburbs, up to 1kg for only 200 LKR.

On ikman.lk buyers and sellers around the country meet and transact between each other. We have now introduced ikman Delivers as a service for sellers to use when needed to deliver products to the buyer with ease.

How ikman Delivers works

1. Seller posts ad on ikman.lk
2. A buyer decides to purchase the product and contacts the seller
3. Seller contacts ikman Delivers to make the delivery
4. Seller gives all the necessary details to ikman Delivers
5. ikman Delivers will then coordinate the pick-up and delivery
6. Once the buyer receives the item he will pay the ikman Delivers charge and then inspect the item
7. If satisfied the buyer will pay the agreed price to the courier and accept the item
8. ikman Delivers will then receive the payment and settle the parties involved

Benefits of using ikman Delivers


• Opportunity to reach a larger market through ikman.lk
• Lower courier costs and less hassle


• Opportunity to inspect the item before-hand hence no risk of fraud
• No need to travel anywhere, your item will be delivered to your door-step

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