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Regardless of your age or skill level, cricket is a dangerous game that demands the use of the right sports equipment for both performance and safety. Although it’s impossible to prevent injuries all of the time, having the right protective sports gear will radically reduce the likelihood of sustaining a season-ending injury and allow you to maximise your enjoyment of the game.

There are all sorts of new and used sports equipment available designed to protect cricket players of all sizes and skill levels. Whether you’re batting or fielding, getting hit by a speeding ball is never fun. So, let’s start from the top down and take a look at some important pieces of protective gear guaranteed to take your cricket safety and fun up a notch.


Cricket is a fun sport, but it can certainly be a little dangerous for batsmen, keepers, and anyone near the wicket. While any part of your body is vulnerable when a ball is flying at you faster than a Ferrari, your head is by far the most susceptible to serious damage. Needless to say, a quality helmet is an absolute must when playing this great game.

Cricket is a popular game played in countries around the world, so you shouldn’t be too surprised to see a wide variety of cricket helmets for sale. Despite these differences, all quality cricket helmets feature a protective shell, interior padding, face guard, and chin strap.

When choosing a cricket helmet, it’s important to choose one with an adjustable face guard. Other than that, as long as it has all of the key components listed above, it’s sure to do the job. Although you could go to a sports gear store and pay a pretty penny for a new titanium and carbon fiber helmet, you can find great deals on used cricket equipment online as well, ensuring players of all budgets and backgrounds have the opportunity to safely enjoy this wonderful sport.

Batting Gloves

With your hands in the ball’s direct line of flight when batting, it goes without saying that every cricket player also needs a pair of batting gloves to ensure their cricket safety. In addition to protecting your fingers and knuckles from getting pulverized by the ball, the right pair of batting gloves should also provide excellent grip.

Arm Guards

Arm guards aren’t exactly necessary, but many batsmen wear them to protect the forearms. Luckily, arm guards are rather inexpensive and they can be found for bargain prices online or at any used cricket equipment store.

Keeper Gloves

So far, we’ve only talked about safety equipment for batsmen, but the fielding team in cricket typically wears safety equipment as well, particularly at the keeper position. While field players wear the same helmets as batsmen, the gloves they wear are webbed to better catch the ball. Many keepers also wear inner gloves to soak up sweat and lightweight body pads for added protection.

Chest Guards, Abdo Guards, and Thigh Pads

Other regularly used cricket sports equipment include chest guards, abdo guards, and thigh pads, which are often worn by batsmen when facing extremely fast pitches. Although padded shorts with body protectors and abdo guards are now commonly found online and in new and used sports equipment stores, these safety pieces can also be purchased separately at surprisingly inexpensive prices.

Shin Pads

As a batsman, it’s a wise idea to wear shin pads as well. In the good old days, cricketers padded their shins with waddings pads and cane. Today, however, shin pads are made out of lightweight foam and can be purchased for peanuts.


Believe it or not, most people don’t associate shoes with cricket safety equipment, but a proper pair of well-fitting cricket shoes may prevent a sprained ankle, broken toe, or a sidelined season.

Even with the best protective sports gear, cricketers will sometimes get hurt or suffer a blow. It’s just the nature of this fun game we’ve all come to love. However, wearing the right safety gear will dramatically reduce any bumps, bruises, and chance of injury. Plus, you would be surprised at how confidently you play knowing you’re well-protected. Therefore, the right gear not only protects your body from injury, but chances are it will increase your performance as well!

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