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Post your used furniture for sale on ikman!

Used furniture can be a headache and clutter your living space. Rather than eliminating them and disposing of them entirely, how good would it be to put them on sale? You can earn some cash while decluttering your space. When it comes to selling used furniture, ikman.lk is the ultimate destination, no doubt! So today, we will discuss some tips to help you put your used furniture for sale on ikman.

First of all, you need to have a basic understanding of how to post an ad on ikman. If you do not, then follow our simple step-by-step guide to know how to. While following the steps, here are some key areas you need to focus especially when you’re selling your used furniture.

Take some good pictures of your used furniture

People often hesitate to buy second-hand furniture when its quality, condition, and material are not clearly visible in pictures. Nor do they bother to visit in person to check for themselves. To avoid this disadvantage, you need to upload good-quality pictures of your used furniture. Take the pictures in a well-lit environment, and if there are any damages, take close-ups of them. Include a few pictures from different angles for better visibility.

taking pictures of your used furniture

Mention more details

When it comes to used furniture for sale, the most important information is the dimensions, material, and brand. The dimensions can give the buyer a clear understanding of whether this is exactly what he/she is looking for. When it comes to used furniture such as beds, wardrobes, and tables, dimensions play a vital role. The product brand and materials are also important, as some brands hold a certain reputation, and some materials for furniture are considered better and more durable. Including this information can help your buyer grasp a clear understanding of what they’re buying.

Assign a reasonable price

Assigning a good price for your used furniture on sale is very important. Check with the original price of the item, and depending on the item condition, assign a reasonable price for the item. If the price is negotiable, you can mention that too. The best way to determine the price to assign is by checking similar products on the site. Do not keep the price section blank, as it can drive buyers away.

Use ikman ad promotions!

If you want to sell your second hand furniture fast, using one of ikman’s ad promotions can give a great push. There are several types of ad promotions you can use. ‘Bump up’ can your ad on top of the others, and give more visibility. “Top Ad’ feature pins your ad on the very top, keeping it there for the promo duration. The ‘Urgent’ promo will put a tag on it, and the buyer can see the item is selling urgently. If you want your ad to be highlighted from the rest and appear larger, the ‘Spotlight’ promotion can also be used.

So there you have it. The best tips to quickly put your used furniture on sale with no hassle. Use these tips next time you sell on ikman. And remember, these tips can be utilized when you post an ad for just about any other used item as well. For more insightful information, stay tuned!


What are the used furniture I can sell on ikman?

You can sell any used furniture item that’s in reasonably good condition.

How do I decide the price to assign for my used furniture?

You can compare with the other similar items, you can also reduce a percentage from the original price you bought it for.

What are the most important information I need to add?

Pictures, price, dimensions, item condition and brand are a few key information pieces you can add.

How many pictures of the furniture should I add?

As many as you can, to cover all angles, any damages, and the item condition.

How do I sell for a potential buyer?

You can ask the buyer to check the item in person. Exchange the item and cash at the same time.

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