Property and housing trends you must get with!

Living in an apartment was pretty much a dream until it became a normality with urbanization. But did you know that there’s more to urban living? Moving into an apartment or house in a city may seem challenging but with a checklist, your task might be simplified.


When buying property, the area you’re to move in is key to making your house a home. If it’s a property in the city, besides looking for the closest hospital and supermarket, be on the lookout for recreational facilities as well. Nowadays with the unbearable traffic you have to deal with besides work, it would be ideal to have a park with a walking path or even a gym in close proximity to home which will save you the hassle of traveling.


If you’re more inclined towards having your own home than opting for an apartment, a garden space is a must. By garden space, it does not necessarily mean hundreds of acres of land but a mere strip would do for home gardening which is also the new in thing. What’s trendier and healthier than having organic food from your own garden!


Availability of space is a luxury in city living, but a garage for your vehicles is essential in modern day living. Your mind will be at ease knowing that your vehicle has a roof over it and is protected. It also minimizes inconvenience caused to others due to roadside parking. Signs on gates requesting people to not block the entrance will not be needed if people do stick to this indispensable minimum requirement.

Choose your neighbors wisely. Friendly neighbors are always an assert when moving. Because no matter where you go, the if you’re happy with your neighbors, the happier homemaker you would be. Therefore, pick an area with people that will instantaneously click with you. It is hands down the best part about urban living.


Centralized area- living. It’s definitely a trend which has promoted overcrowding but its active more than ever before. Familiarity of the area and roads is an essential skill and you’ve hit the jackpot if all the major areas are in a 30 minute or one-hour radius. It definitely should be in your checklist unless you enjoy long hours of travel.

Moving into furnished houses is the new best thing. Yes, you may love your furniture and it may have great sentimental value, but sometimes it may not comply with your new space. Furnished houses and apartments are a good deal as it saves you the time and effort on furniture hunting and matching it afterwards. Minimal furniture is practiced in many countries and has a great demand as it is believed to enhance simple pleasures and minimalist living.


Amenities available will and always be definitely included in anyone’s checklist. A larger space is preferred by a family with children and the number of rooms, bathrooms, availability of a pantry and living room are basics when considering buying a house. Luxury living includes the availability of air-conditioning, hot water, a swimming pool or Jacuzzi, house which is over two stories, a walk-in closet, visitors room, maids room and many other additions deemed as vital for luxury living. If you want to indulge in such luxuries, you can certainly do so as your dream home no more a dream. Ideal homes are available to suit your every need.