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The 10 Best Paid Jobs in Sri Lanka

With new-found stability, a growing economy, and one of the best-performing stock markets in the world, Sri Lanka is a great place to live and work. In recent years, vacancies in some of the country’s thriving industries have attracted applicants from all over the world. But who is making the highest salary? Here are the top 10 jobs in Sri Lanka. They let you earn the most money to secure your future. 

1. Product Development Engineer

Engineering is an important part of the economy. In fact, those who work in product development are among the richest Sri Lankans. They develop, test, and perfect new merchandise for businesses. It requires innovative thinking. They also require a reliable skill set. However, how much do you think Product development engineering jobs in Colombo can earn you? In fact, it’s between 750,000 LKR per month and 9 million per year. 

2. Banking Relationship Manager

Banks employ relationship managers in order to better serve clients. They hire both individuals or businesses. They promote new banking services. And, they help answer questions about loans and accounts. This job requires both people skills and knowledge of finance. All in all, they make 2.7 million LKR per year. 

3. Finance Manager

Accountancy is a popular job in Sri Lanka (Source: Pexels)

Sri Lanka always has vacancies for dedicated and skilled accountants. That includes accounting positions at the top. Finance managers can assess the monetary health of businesses both big and small. They need to understand:

  • profit and losses
  • relevant computer programs
  • how to properly plan for taxes

This job also averages at 2.7 million LKR yearly. 

4. Project Manager

The Project Management Institute branch in Colombo helps develop professional project managers.


  • handle staff, clients, and deadlines
  • oversee every aspect of the project
  • report to clients and supervisors
  • wrestle with budgets, demands, and paperwork

All in all, this complex, in-demand position tops out at 2.7 million LKR annually. 

5. Systems Analyst

System Analyst at work (Source: Pexels)

As it moves to become a middle income nation, jobs in Sri Lanka increasingly show a shift toward new technology. So, businesses need to employ systems analysts. They make sure the IT department runs smoothly. They get rid of computer issues. These issues could lose projects and important documents. For this, a system analyst makes 2.1 LKR per year.

6. Safety Engineer

Safety engineers also create and improve a safe workplace environment. They work both in office or out in the field. They:

  • reduce risks associated with projects
  • make sure damage will be minimal in case of an emergency.

In Sri Lanka, they earn 1.8 million LKR yearly. 

7. Java Developer

Java script is the most popular form of computer language used in business software. So, it’s not surprising that workers proficient in developing and coding Java software are paid well. Java developers have a background in computer science. They also have experience creating software.

They work with:

  • payroll
  • project management software
  • company websites
  • data protection

In fact, this job pays 1.8 LKR per year.

8. Project Leader

It can be difficult for even IT experts to know the difference between a project manager and a project leader. In fact, it often depends on the nature of the company and the project. A project manager is more of a supervisor role while the project leader is out in the field. Project leaders motivate workers while managers handle paperwork. The project leader can also be there to answer questions from employees. They also provide hard data about the progress workers have made, which the project manager can pass on to clients. For their role, project leaders earn 1.75 LKR.

9. Civil Engineer

Civil engineers at construction site (Source: Pexels)

Indeed, working on Sri Lanka’s infrastructure is a valuable position. In fact, they work on:

  • bridges
  • tunnels
  • roads
  • canals
  • dams
  • skyscrapers
  • railways

A good education in engineering can lead to a successful civil engineering career, whether it’s with the government or private companies. So, civil engineers in Sri Lanka can make up to 1.7 million LKR yearly. 

10. Zone Manager

Finally, zone manager is a sophisticated sales job. They have to:

  • monitor customer needs and preferences in a specific region
  • work in charge of sales managers in a specific area
  • keep track of a company’s sales tactics.

In fact, a zone manager’s duties can be extensive. Moreover, they work with customers, clients, and staff. Their salary comes to 1.6 million LKR. 

Obviously, there are many exciting opportunities for skilled workers. In fact, they can be a part of the growing Sri Lankan economy. A good education can lead to employment. Then, where you come from does not matter. And no matter where your interests lie, you can find financial success in this thriving nation.

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