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Tips To Save Electricity And Reduce Your Electricity Bill

The 75% electricity tariff increase has made us rethink our electricity usage. And this is happening for the first time in 9 years.

This is a blow to Sri Lanka as the island is drowning in a horrendous economic crisis.

Living a regular life has become nothing but a challenge for Sri Lankans. Add climate change to that. You can’t imagine living in most Sri Lankan cities without an A/C or fan. 

So we can’t complain when we get high electricity bills. But there are ways to lower your consumption. Here are some tips to reduce your electricity bill.

Save Electricity With Better Lighting Options 

CFL or LED bulbs 

Use energy star-rated compact Fluorescent Lamps instead of incandescent bulbs. CFLs have a higher lifetime than standard bulbs, 8,000 hours vs 750-900 hours, respectively. Moreover, CFL bulbs are 3 to 4 times more efficient.

LED bulbs work better than CFLs. Though they can be expensive, the investment ensures low consumption with better output.

Install Motion detectors 

Motion detectors will switch on lights only when necessary. You can save both money and electricity with motion detectors. 

Use natural light 

If you have the means to use natural light, don’t block its way. It’s free and better for your health. Arrange your home in such a way as to receive natural light during the day. Remember, light color walls help too. 

Save Electricity When Using The Kitchen 

Be efficient 

Using a pressure cooker saves your time by up to 70%. Microwaves consume less energy compared to conventional ovens. 

Set the optimum oven temperature when cooking several dishes. This way, you don’t have to use the oven multiple times. 

Be smart 

If you’re using a dishwasher, don’t load small amounts of dishes frequently. No-heat air dry feature will save energy by 15-50%. If it’s an older dishwasher, let it dry after the final rinse.

Energy-saving techniques 

Moderately clean clothes don’t need as many wash cycles as dirty clothes. Similarly, the dishwasher can use energy-saving wash cycles to save electricity and water. Ensure the dryer’s lint filter is clean so the machine runs smoothly. 

Keep the lids closed 

Heat escapes when you open the lid more frequently. Appliances consume more energy to recover the lost heat. This applies to oven doors too. 

Save Electricity When Using Electric Appliances 

Unplug all appliances and equipment 

Even if all your equipment and appliances are in standby mode, they will still consume energy. So unplug them when you aren’t using any. 

Even if some don’t consume energy, it’s a good safety practice you shouldn’t overlook. 

Follow the instructions 

Don’t go beyond the capacity when using dryers and washers. Overloading reduces efficiency. Hence, it increases energy consumption. 

Use the right amount of water according to the load. For instance, don’t add too much water to wash little clothes.

Don’t skip instructions on detergent. Too much detergent will push the motor to work hard. If your clothes aren’t too dirty and if you have time, wash them manually.

Sun-dry your clothes as much as possible. Opt for a dryer only if it’s necessary. Don’t over-dry your clothes as it consumes more energy.

Iron at once 

Iron all your clothes at once. Electricity consumption is high when heat the iron repeatedly after it cools down.

Use fans 

Fans are a better alternative than air conditioners because they use less energy. Table and pedestal fans are more efficient compared to ceiling fans. Even if you’re using the air conditioner, use the fan setting if possible. Or you can check for an energy-efficient air conditioner.

Don’t keep the windows open when using the air conditioner. It’s similar to filling your tank with water and letting it out at the same time. 

Take good care of the refrigerator 

Set the temperature at 3° to 4°C for the refrigerator compartment. And for the freezer, set it at – 15° to -10°C. If using older models, use a thermometer to check and regulate temperatures. 

Keep the coils and fan vent clean. Dirty coils require compressors to work hard, requiring more electricity. 

Ensure the plastic strip around the door (door gasket) is in good condition. If not, repair it. Or get in touch with the manufacturer to replace it. Defrost if it accumulates over a quarter inch. 

Your refrigerator arrangement should allow air circulation inside the compartment. Juices and other liquids must be properly covered to reduce the compressor’s workload. 

Don’t open the refrigerator door frequently. Organize it in a way to find things easily. 

The power saver switch is for humid days. If you have one, use it. 


Wanting to save electricity is a conscious decision. If you’re living alone, it’s a different story. It’ll be challenging if you have a family. But you wouldn’t mind the challenge when you think about the 75% tariff on your bill. 

So we’ve discussed some practical ways to lower your electricity bill. You don’t have to try everything at once. Instead, for example, try switching to energy-efficient appliances initially. Take it slow.  

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Do refrigerators consume more electricity?

It depends on many factors, including size, compressor technology, and more. So when purchasing a refrigerator, you must be mindful of selecting an energy-efficient one.

Do appliances consume electricity if they’re not unplugged?

The simplest answer is yes! While it only consumes a relatively lower percentage, the concern is more on safety and product life. Plus, they add up.

What consumes the most electricity in my house?

Air conditioning and heating, water heating, appliances, TV and other similar equipment, and lighting. If you want to save electricity, you have to use these products wisely.

Do washing machines consume a lot of electricity?

Washing machines don’t consume as much energy as dryers do. But, the amount of energy consumption will vary as per the model you select. There are energy-efficient models you can purchase if you want to control your electricity bill.

Is using electricity at night and early morning cheaper?

Electricity is cheaper late at night and early morning in Sri Lanka. This is because of low demand during off-peak hours when energy consumption is lower.

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