Celebrate Valentine’s day with ikman

It is officially cupid season. We wouldn’t even dream of casually throwing in the phrase “Love is in the
air” because we admit it’s always been there! Yet, we know your hearts are lighted up in joy to snatch
any chance to celebrate with the most special person in your life.

ikman decided to turn messenger for all you lovebirds, chirping away in excitement for Valentine’s Day
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But is Valentine’s Day exclusively for lovers and couples? It is a day to honour the meaning of love, a
moment to share the joy of affection between two humans. You can brighten up another’s day with a
thoughtful gift. Present one of ikman’s special offers to your mother, father, sibling, buddy or favourite
cousin. They will truly cherish it because, hey, who doesn’t love to be loved?

Get ready to surprise Bae and your loved ones with ikman!