Get your antiques on!

Traveling back in time, taking a trip down memory lane will indeed make you feel nostalgic. But did you know that the new in thing is to get your hands on some collector’s items, antiques and memorabilia. Another passes by without any warning, and we welcome 2017. Why not reminisce some of the best years you’ve had in the past with things that meant so much then and still adds value and color to life.


  1. Gramophone

A must have, if you’re very much into music, as no other device could provide the pleasure you receive listening to records from 60’s or 70’s. It’s widely considered a collector’s item all around the world and is indeed a valley of memories waiting to be unleashed. There’s nothing like sipping tea in the evening listening to your favorite vinyl on your own gramophone!


  1. Antique furniture and collectibles.

Why not make someone happy this Christmas and present to them an antique of value. Antiques are of great value and meaningful gifts which is ideal for a loved one. From antique furniture to antique jewelry could be browsed through ikman. If you’re wishing to do some redecoration for the coming year, give your home an antique themed face-lift! The fine balance between the past and present would bring an authentic feel to your interiors.


  1. Typewriter

In the day and age where technology seems to expand on a rapid basis, an old typewriter is a great way to narrate your story. May it be for the knowledge of future generations, or for one’s own pleasure; owning a typewriter is extremely trendy. Nothing screams 70’s and 80’s like a typewriter, so why contemplate?


  1. FM radio/ Cassette player

When everything was much simpler and the radio was our primary source of entertainment, FM radio still dominates media and is a must have regardless of time and space. Add on to this by investing in a FM radio that enables playing cassettes such as the WALKMAN which definitely is a blast from the past.


      5. Vintage Camera

Do you remember when cameras functioned with a reel/ film role and how it was not possible to view the picture until it was developed at a studio? Well those were indeed the days. No selfies, just plain natural pictures and 32-36 shots were your limit. No mistakes could be made but what fun was it to see those pictures come to life. Why not relive this great memory once more and even for the future generations to come. Vintage cameras taught us kids that patience is a virtue and to make the most of something with no second chances or guesses. This is an experience which is worth reliving and you could get your hands on one through ikman, right away!