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5 Best Air Conditioner Brands in Sri Lanka

Buying your A/C unit from one of the best air conditioner brands in Sri Lanka will give you peace of mind with great value for your money. With many brands offering a diversity of products, it can be challenging to settle on a brand to buy your air conditioner from. 

In this article, we share about 5 of the best air conditioner brands in Sri Lanka to help you make your decision with confidence. 

LG ACs – Prices start at Rs. 225,027

Focused on the comfort of the user, LG is one of the long-known air conditioner brands in Sri Lanka. Featuring a smart range of residential air conditioners, the brand has some of the most eco-friendly A/C units on the market.

Their latest A/C units feature dual inverter technology. With this innovation, they have brought down the power usage levels drastically. This has made LG one of the brands with the most power-efficient air conditioners out there. Implementation of 4D cooling is also a part of the latest air conditioners of LG. This means even air distribution to every corner with the use of vertical and horizontal fans. Built-in HEPA filters and 3M micro protection filters are another two amazing features of their air conditioner range. They eliminate any toxicity giving you assurance of the purity of the air in your space. So your space’s air is actively cleansed.

LG Air Conditioner

Samsung ACs-  Prices start at Rs. 200,000

From wall-mount air conditioners to system ACs, Samsung provides solutions for all of your A/C needs. The quality of their products alone places Samsung among the best air conditioner brands in Sri Lanka.

Efficiency is their key focus in their air conditioning devices to deliver the best cooling experience. The sleek but triangular shape of their devices allows them to cover a wider area. With impressive width and angles, and the extra v-blades, they project the air even further. So the environment gets cooled faster, farther, and wider.

The newer versions of Samsung air conditioners carry the Tri-care filter. This antiviral filter is capable of removing 99.9% of viruses from the air. Therefore it easily creates a healthier indoor atmosphere for everyone.

Samsung products can be a bit expensive due to their higher quality and performance. Thus for those who are looking for a quality air conditioner in Sri Lanka, Samsung is a great choice.

Samsung Air Conditioner

Singer ACs-  Prices start at Rs. 148,386

As one of the market leaders in electronic appliances in Sri Lanka, Singer has made a name for itself. In fact, over 30% of the local population is using their products. So it is no surprise that they are one of the biggest providers of air conditioners in Sri Lanka, with a history of over 145 years in the country.

Singer’s air conditioners provide a wide range of eco-friendly and energy-efficient devices. Wall mounted, ceiling mounted, floor standing, and ceiling cassette are the types of air conditioners available at Singer.

The most popular implementation of Singer air conditioners is their signature Green Inverters. The technology enables the air conditioner to achieve the highest possible energy efficiency. Using R32 refrigerant, the range also combats global warming.

Hitachi ACs-  Prices start at Rs. 150,966

Hitachi is famous around the world for its stereo components and high-technological telecommunications equipment. And the brand also provides a range of air conditioners. By using their expertise in the electronics field, Hitachi quickly became one of the best air conditioner brands in Sri Lanka.

The selection of split inverter air conditioners available at Hitachi is impressive. They come with a diverse range to fit different consumer needs. Currently, their split inverter products lineup is as follows.

  • Kiyora inverter AC series – Comes with 5-star inverters with both new technologies and looks
  • Shizen inverter AC series –Comes with 3-star inverters that are aim to create a personal and natural interior
  • Yugen inverter AC series – Features Simplistic design and comfortable cooling
  • Enzen inverter AC series – Engineered to reach optimum performance and cooling
  • Logicool inverter AC series – Aimed towards business and to fulfil cooling needs of businesses.

With a wide range of products to choose from, Hitachi is sure to cover your needs in air conditioning indoors.

Panasonic ACs – Prices start at Rs. 340,000

Founded back in 1918 in Japan, Panasonic is one of the leading technology solution providers in the world. And when it comes to air conditioners, the brand is no slouch. With its first home cooler invented back in 1958, Panasonic is continuing its pursuit of “relaxing comfort”.

Their air conditioners come with the latest nanoe X technology with hydroxyl radicals. The technology is capable of generating nano-sized atomized water particles. It also works with hydroxyl radicals to keep surfaces, furnishings, and the environment clean.

Moreover, they also come with ECONAVI intelligent sensors that detect unconscious energy wastage. Hence, these sensors help regulate the performance based on your activities.

So without an argument, Panasonic is indeed a great brand to keep in mind if you are in the market for a reliable air conditioner in Sri Lanka.

Buy From the Best Air Conditioner Brands in Sri Lanka

When you’re looking to buy an A/C unit selecting a good brand is a crucial initial step in the buying process. So keep these 5 best air conditioner brands in Sri Lanka in your mind when you are going A/C shopping next time. Also, always be sure to select the right product based on your needs and device specs.Looking to buy an A/C unit from one of the best air conditioner brands in Sri Lanka? Find the best offers and deals on brand new and used air conditioners for sale through Ikman.lk. 


Where can you find the best air conditioners for sale in Sri Lanka?

Directly buy your air conditioner from a reputable agent of the brand. You can visit their physical store and make your purchase. If not, try their official websites or Ikman.lk to order your air conditioner online.

Where can you find a used air conditioner for sale in Sri Lanka?

You can find used air conditioners in Sri Lanka online from various marketplaces. For example, Ikman.lk is one such place. The platform has many reputable sellers offering highly competitive prices. So you will have more options to choose from.

What are inverter and non-inverter AC?

Non-inverter A/C comes with a motor that runs at full speed. Then, it shuts down when the temperature of the room reaches the target temperature. On the other hand, in an inverter air conditioner, the speed of the compressor motor automatically reduces once the room is cool. This saves electricity a great deal. 

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