5 Best TV Brands For Your Home

Gone are the days TVs used to be an ugly, boring fat box sitting in your living room. Thanks to the smart TV innovation drive, companies recreated the idea and design of a TV. Following an interesting survey that showed TVs were now more of a decoration for a home, its appearance took prominence. 

So, engineers found ways to make it more appealing to befit home interior goals. But our changing demands forced TV companies to focus on the technical and quality aspects as well.

Buying a brand new TV now is not as simple as it used to be a few years ago. New streaming services, better sound systems, and higher video clarity mean we need the right device to entertain us. This has resulted in an explosion in TV brands and models to choose from. But how do you know which one is right for you?

What to look out for when choosing the next TV for your home? 

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  1. Smart TVs

These TVs are connected to Wi-Fi. You can find apps like YouTube and Netflix in-built into smart TVs. If you enjoy watching videos, browsing the internet, and viewing high-quality images, this TV is a must-have in your living or bedroom. 

  1. Screen resolution

This refers to the number of pixels on the screen. Higher pixels offer you a better resolution. It’s recommended to choose a TV with more than 4K resolution for better quality pictures. These come as Ultra HD and High Dynamic Range. These add liveliness to your TV viewing experience. 

  1. Types of TV
  • OLED – Gives vibrant, clear images with wonderful contrast. Quite expensive but highly recommended. Moreover, this type of TV also emits less blue light, making it easier for the eyes. 
  • LED & LCD – Cheaper but may need more repairs because of the number of components in them. 
  • QLED – LCD with a brighter display

Top 5 TV brands and models for 2020

Here’s a list of various models from different brands as per tech expert recommendations: 

  1. LG OLED 55B9PUA B9 Series TV 
  • Unbeatable image quality
  • Fast response rate and low input lag
  • Available in a range of sizes and features
  • WebOS interface

This model with its superior features and excellent picture quality falls into the high price tier.

  1. Samsung QLED 4K Q80 Series TV
  • Uses upscaling technology, which is updated on an ongoing basis
  • Superior display quality
  • Easy to connect with other Samsung products
  • Convenient access to apps, which are displayed at the bottom of the Smart Hub
  • Possible to add a sound bar for an enhanced audio output

This TV set’s stunning design adds a unique touch of attractiveness to your home at a higher price tag. 

  1. VIZIO M-Series Quantum HDR 4K UHD Smart Quantum Dot LED TV
  • Great visual quality
  • In-built apps to streaming services
  • Uses SmartCast app to access YouTube and Netflix
  • Picture quality is not as sharp as the high-end models
  • Lacks deluxe features

Perfect for those who want a premium TV upgrade at a mid-price level. Yet, be prepared to have fewer features. 

  1. TCL Class 6-Series 4K UHD QLED TV
  • Most affordable brand on the popular list of affordable TVs
  • Smart TV interface
  • Access to streaming services
  • Picture quality is not as high as the other models
  • Lacks advanced features

Scores high among the best value TV brands with a good viewing experience. 

  1. Sony Class 4K UHD LED Android Smart TV
  • 4K and OLED models offer amazing picture quality
  • Great colour accuracy
  • Good motion handling
  • Uses upscaling technology
  • Gives clarity to low-resolution pictures 
  • Smart interface uses Android TV 
  • Built-in support for Google Assistant and Chromecast 

Considered a valuable brand due to its fantastic designs and quality. The model is perfect for those who seek beautiful, high-end designs. 

Other tips to keep in mind 

  • Don’t choose a TV with an HZ refresh rate that is lower than 120. This is the number of times the display refreshes. The higher the HZ refresh rate, the better. 
  • Look for HDMI ports on the TV set. These help you connect other devices to your TV such as PC or laptop. At least 3 to 4 ports are good. Meanwhile, check where these ports are on the TV. If they are on the sides of TV it will be convenient to use. 
  • Consider buying a sound bar of superior quality. This could make the user experience better as TV sound quality hasn’t kept up with the improvements in visual quality. 

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