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5 Budget Cars You Can Buy in Sri Lanka

Are you looking for a car for a low budget? This guide brings to you some of the low price cars in Sri Lanka. Tata Nano, Micro Panda, Perodua Axia, Bajaj Qute, and Maruti Alto 800 are some cars for sale in Sri Lanka for a low price. Keep reading to know more details about these models. 

Tata Nano

Tata Nano side front view
Tata Nano side front view (Source: Wikipedia)

Indian automaker Tata Motors launched the Tata Nano as a 4 seater compact city car. This is a low price car that is a rear-engined hatchback. The launch price was around 2.5 lakhs LKR. While Tata Motors started manufacturing this model in 2008, it stopped in 2018 with several pauses within those years. The reason was early instances of the model catching fire. To add to that was the idea that the Nano was unsafe and of low quality due to the low cost. 

Mechanical specifications

The Tata Nano comes with 1 Diesel Engine, 1 Petrol Engine, and 1 CNG Engine. The Diesel engine is 624 cc, the Petrol engine is 624 cc, the CNG engine is 624 cc. At the same time, it is available with Manual & Automatic transmission. 

Its city mileage records at 28.0 kmpl for diesel. The maximum power the engine generates is 35 @ 5,250+/-250 (PS@rpm) while the maximum torque is 48 @ 3,000+/-500 (NM@rpm). 

The top speed of this model is 105kmph. 

The Tata Nano features manual steering with rack and pinion steering gear type. It has a type drum for both front and rear braking systems.

To accelerate from 0 – 100 kmph, it takes 12.6 s. 


Tata Nano interior view
Tata Nano interior view (Source: Car Body Design)

Given that the Tata Nano is a budget car, you cannot expect many comfortable features in the interior. There is no air conditioning or a glove compartment. It is the same when it comes to the driving experience, too. You do not get power steering, cruise control, adjustable steering etc. Another major feature lacking is an infotainment system. However, there is a low fuel warning light. 


This model comes with safety features such as power and child door locks, seat belts etc. It also has seat belt warning, door ajar warning, and front and side impact beams.  


You can find the Tata Nano price ranging between 725,000 LKR and 1,500,000 LKR, making it one of the low price cars in the Sri Lankan vehicle market. 

Micro Panda

Micro Panda front view
Micro Panda front view (Source: Zigwheels)

The Micro Panda is also among the low price cars available in Sri Lanka. It is a ‘complete knock-down’ model. In other words, Sri Lanka’s Micro company imports all the parts of this vehicle, assembles them here, and sells it as Micro Panda. They import the parts from the Chinese company called “Geely”. This was in production since 2008 until 2016. 

Mechanical specifications 

You get this model in both 1000cc and 1300cc versions. There is also a bit of engine noise while driving. When it comes to stability too, you would not call it to be a smooth ride. However, in terms of clutch and gear, you can experience smooth shifting. You also get power steering with rack and pinion steering gear. 


Micro Panda interior view
Micro Panda interior view (Source: Zigwheels)

Although it is one of the low price cars, the company has tried its best to give maximum features compared to Indian budget vehicles. This model has manual air conditioning with several options. The two tone dashboard looks a bit cheap due to the build and finish quality. It comes with a very basic manual infotainment system. You also get a 12V power outlet. The seating comes in two-tones with fabric upholstery. However, the space is small. The rear seats can be folded in 60:40 ratio. 


In terms of safety, you get a driver airbag, rear seat belts, child safety lock etc. In addition, there is also an anti-lock braking system. You also get seat belt warning and engine check warning.


Putting itself among the low price cars, the Micro Panda price in Sri Lanka ranges from 1,495,000 LKR and 2,550,000 LKR. 

Perodua Axia 

Perodua Axia side front view
Perodua Axia side front view (Source: Carsome)

Launched in 2014, the Perodua Axia comes with a simple body design. It is a 5 door mini hatchback. This is also a good option among the low price cars in the vehicle market. 

Mechanical specifications

There is one 998cc three-cylinder one-liter unit engine option with 1KR-VE DOHC with VVT-i. The standard transmission option is a 5-speed manual. However, there is also a 4-speed automatic transmission option. 


Perodua Axia interior view
Perodua Axia interior view (Source: Asian Auto Digest)

In the top model version, there is AC and a touch screen infotainment system. The steering wheel comes leather wrapped. In contrast, the base model version has manual windows, no power locks, radio or speakers in the doors. 


The Axia has a simple body design. It has a very short hood and a vertical rear end. The headlights of the top range model SE version is more aggressive than the base model. The front bumper of the top model features a big, trapezoidal, grille. On the other hand, the base model comes with a smaller, smiling face. The top model also has 14” light-alloy wheels. This is instead of the standard steel ones present in the base version. You can see LED tail lights in the back. 


The Perodua Axia price in Sri Lanka ranges from 3,525,000 LKR to 5,000,000 LKR. 

Bajaj Qute

Bajaj Qute front side view
Bajaj Qute front side view (Source: Car Blog India)

Among the low price cars available, the Bajaj Qute (RE60) is a 4 seater small car. Its length is 2752 mm, width 1312 mm and wheelbase 1925 mm. It has a ground clearance of 180mm. It can achieve a maximum speed of 70.kmph in 5th gear. 

Mechanical specifications

The Bajaj Qute (RE60) has 1 Petrol Engine and 1 CNG Engine. The Petrol engine is 216 cc while the CNG engine is 216 cc. It is a light weight 4-valve water cooled DTS engine. It is a closed loop fuel injection system. The type of transmission is manual. It has a fuel efficiency of 35 km/L. 

Qute has the smallest turning radius of 3.5 m. In turn, this makes it extremely easy to maneuver through congested lanes. In fact, the small size helps drive in city traffic easily. Moreover, it also helps in parking in tight spaces.


Bajaj Qute front side view
Bajaj Qute front side view (Source: Car Blog India)

The seating comes with fabric upholstery. Given that this is a budget car, comfort is not a main focus in this model. You do not get air conditioning, power steering, rear headrest, or an advanced infotainment system. However, you get to enjoy the radio facility with bluetooth connectivity. 


Safety features of the Bajaj Qute include power and child safety locks, rear seat belts, and door ajar warning.  A major safety feature lacking in this model are both driver and passenger airbags. 


Being one of the low price cars, the Bajaj Qute price in Sri Lanka ranges from 870,000 LKR to 1,680,000 LKR

Maruti Alto 800

Maruti Alto 800 side front view
Maruti Alto 800 side front view (Source: CarAndBike)

The Maruti Alto 800 has been in the market since 2000. It is also one of the low price cars available in the market. The body type is hatchback with a ground clearance of 160 mm. It is 3445 mm in length, 1490 mm in width and 1475 mm^3 mm in height.

Mechanical specifications

The Maruti Alto is available in Petrol and CNG engines. The 796 cc Petrol engine generates a power of 47.3bhp@6000rpm and a torque of 69Nm@3500rpm. The 796 cc CNG engine generates a power of 40.3bhp@6000rpm and a torque of 60Nm@3500rpm. There is only a manual transmission option in this model. The car can accelerate from 0-100 kmph in 17.09 seconds. 


Maruti Alto 800 interior view
Maruti Alto 800 interior view (Source: CarDekho)

The interior build gives the feeling of an outdated car. The centrally placed air-con vents do not look pleasing. However, there is enough legroom in the rear. But, the low backseat and poor seat width requires a knees-up sitting position. In fact, this makes it difficult to have a third passenger. 


Since this is an entry level vehicle, the safety features are limited. However, the essential basic safety features are there. It has ELR seat belts, driver side airbag, ABS, anti-theft system etc. 


The Maruti Alto 800 price in Sri Lanka revolves around 2,200,000 LKR pushing it to the low price cars in Sri Lanka.

The Tata Nano, Micro Panda, Perodua Axia, Bajaj Qute, Maruti Alto 800 are some of the best budget cars you can buy in Sri Lanka. If you are looking for a car but are limited in terms of the budget, these are some good options you have. To check out the used cars for sale in Sri Lanka of these low price cars, visit

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