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It’s been seven years since ikman established itself in Sri Lanka and whoa, what an incredible journey it has been. Setting ourselves at the forefront of the digital marketplace revolution, we have grown into a household name, recognised all across the island. 

What has led to such a rapid growth? It boils down to how we operate internally.

Here’s a few things about work life at ikman:

  1. Corporate Culture 

The team at ikman comprises of employees from diverse backgrounds. An eclectic mix of talents from various ethnic, religious and racial groups form a fascinating blend of workforce here. 

ikman has an open door culture, which allows employees to enjoy a sense of trust and freedom. We foster a friendly, transparent work environment. New staff members quickly become a part of the team, all thanks to the welcoming nature of our colleagues. 

  1. Leisure Calendar 

Eager to keep the high spirited bunch working here happy and motivated, ikman’s calendar is constantly filled with a number of fun activities. A wide range of events including talent shows, team outings, glamourous year-end parties and annual cricket matches are an integral part of ikman life.

We hear the usual complaints about the non-existent work-life balance outside but here at ikman we are all up for work and a truckload of enjoyment. After all, our philosophy is to make our jobs a joy to look forward to.

  1. Top-Class Training 

ikman ensures every employee reaches their full potential, both in their personal and professional lives. To facilitate this, we offer continuous training and development including on-the-job training, mentoring and career support.

Progress is a non-negotiable element of ikman life. We guide our employees to turn them into their best professional version, opening new gateways to rise up to their goals. Collectively we foster a strong work ethic to achieve ikman’s corporate goals.  

  1. Giving Back

We have a simple mantra. And that’s to be a positive force within the community. Part of this perspective is to contribute to the society in meaningful ways. 

ikman head office organised two blood donation camps in collaboration with the Blood Bank in 2018 and 2019. On both occasions, nearly a 100 donors participated, majority of whom were ikman employees. 

We are proud to be who we are and do what we do.

Together, we hope to do great things. ikman life is more than just work. 

Does this sound like a place you’d like to work at?  

Then we might just be interested in hiring YOU! Get in touch: 0114853853 or mail your CV to : hr@ikman.lk

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