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All you need to know about the Persian cat

Getting a pet is a hard decision to make. There are dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters, and all sorts of pets you can adopt. Usually, this narrows down to a battle between cats and dogs. There’s even rivalry among cat lovers and dog lovers. And then once in a while, there are people who love both. Either way, as a cat lover, if you were looking for an adorable goofball, chances are, a Persian cat is an ideal choice for you.

We find domestic cats in many unknown breeds, and we never really look into their breeds either. But when it comes to the Persian cat, the popularity is remarkable. This is because of their iconic looks, sharper eyes, and bushy tails. Persian cats have a certain glow to them that cat lovers absolutely adore. This is why finding one in Sri Lanka is not going to be easy.

The origin of Persian cats

The origin of this exquisite breed traces all the way back to the 1600s when modern-day Iran, those days known as Persia records this breed. The geographical location of Persia is the reason behind the name. The European explorers are said to smuggle them to other countries due to their breathtaking appearance. This Mesopotamian cat then became the adoring pet of royals, including Queen Victoria. Another historical figure that is known to keep a Persian cat as a pet is Florence Nightingale. Throughout history, Persian cats made appearances in movies, which contributed largely to their increasing popularity and demand.

Appearance and traits

Persian cats usually weigh about 3-4 kilos, and they’re medium-sized. They don’t grow to be very tall either, just 10-15 inches. The big eyes usually feature a sharp black liner, which is what the ladies call cat-eyes these days when they do their makeup. The faces are usually chubby and pushed-in with stubby noses. The most unique feature of a Persian cat is its silky, shiny fur coat that looks luxurious and extravagant. Persian cats usually feature longer, bushier tails too. You could say that the Persian kitten is one of the cutest animals on Earth, as they are very playful and literally look like small balls of fur. A Persian kitten reaches its full growth in less than a year, so make sure to cherish its tiny days with plenty of pictures.

Like any other cat, a Persian cat tends to be quiet and sleepy. They like to strut around the house, therefore the more space, the better. Persian cats do not demand a lot of attention and tend to get a little mad if you pet them too much. If you own one or adopt one in the future, make sure to provide them with a cozy bed or dedicated spot to sleep and rest.

appearance of a Persian cat

Where to get a Persian cat in Sri Lanka

Now that you know in and out about Persian cats, you might wonder, where can I get a Persian cat in Sri Lanka? Simple. You can visit’s pets category and start your search. Most pet owners list their kittens and puppies or even full-grown pets on ikman pets as it is the largest online platform to sell or give them for adoption. Persian cat price varies quite a bit, from around LKR 35,000 to LKR 75,000. The price depends on their pure breed, origin, and household. The best thing about ikman is that you can find a Persian cat from a location closest to you, easily using the location filter. New listings keep popping every day, so if you did not find your dream cat, you will find it soon enough, eventually.

Once you find a Persian cat on ikman, make sure to visit the seller in person before paying any money. You will have to check the cat’s condition, appearance, obedience, and likeness towards you, and if they were maintained well. Persian kittens are also available on ikman sometimes, so keep a watchful eye. But keep in mind that the tinier and younger they are, the more attention and care you will have to provide to them.

How to care for a Persian cat

Assuming you got your fluffy cloud from ikman, we’re going to give some tips in advance on how to care for Persian cats or kittens. They will require a healthy diet plus daily exercise, and some grooming from time to time. A Persian cat tends to shed a lot of furs, so cleaning their surrounding is a must. A good vacuum cleaner and a lint roller might come in handy as well. Make sure to bathe your cat at least every six weeks to keep them clean, and take them for grooming once in a while. Strictly keep Persian cats and Persian kittens indoors, as they can get sick and dirty outdoors. You will need to pay special attention to them, unlike the regular cats and kittens.

grooming a Persian cat

We hope this blog gave you a broad insight on Persian cats, where to get them, and how to take good care of them. Pets are as important as humans, so make sure you give them the proper care and attention in a lovely home. Be vigilant at times your cats play with your children, and ensure they do not get within close proximity. We hope you find the cat of your dreams through ikman pets! Let us know your cat stories on our social media. For more furry tips and insights, stay tuned!

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