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Are you sporting the right look?

We spend most of our lives altering our physical appearance to look better. Since most of our time is expended at work, keeping up with fashion trends while preserving once unique identity may be challenging.

However, no matter what look you wish to go for, there are certain essentials each outfit should possess. These subtle accessories and cosmetics will help you look sharper and stand out from the rest.

  1. Wrist watch.

There was an ideology back in the day that watches weren’t for everyone but that’s a completely outdated belief. There are so many varieties to choose from and even if you don’t have the wrist for it, there will be plenty of brands that could fit you fashionably. Take it from someone who was never a fan of watches!


  1. Jewelry and makeup

Well for girls, nothing can spruce up even a regular pair of jeans and Tee, like a few accessories can such as a chunky necklace or a funky pair of earrings. You could always resort to make up and get yourself some must have’s. Cosmetics such as eyeliner, lipstick, foundation, nail polish are a few basics to begin with. If you’re looking to pull off a more dramatic look, then get yourself a few hair extensions, wigs, eyelashes, and you’d be pulling off a new you every day.


  1. Shoes

No matter what, an outfit is only complete when you’ve got your shoes on. Figuring out what shoes work best with each outfit may seem like an exhausting task, but why not grab a pair of versatile all occasion shoes, which is both time and money saving. Your shoes say a lot about you and let it be so. Guys have it much easier than girls, but that is no excuse to not own a few pairs of shoes and show them off to the world.

  1. Sunglasses / Shades

Rayban Aviators, Wayfarers to Polo shades or to any brand that doesn’t frame your face but give you that sharp look works mostly as a fashion icon going beyond serving its real purpose. Regardless of gender, anyone can pull off sunglasses once you’ve figured out what suits your face. Browse through the variety of sunglasses available on ikman. You could go for polarized sunglasses, with added bit of bling or even a bold colour just to give your outfit that zing!


  1. Wallet/ Purse

Subtle as it may seem, besides your fancy phone your wallet shows a lot in public. You don’t need something flashy, yet exactly the opposite. A fine-looking purse or wallet which is unique in style says many things about how you handle your money. Throw away that ragged looking stuffed wallet and clear all those teensy-weensy papers which you don’t need. If you’re super organized, then grab a credit card case as well which will keep all your important cards secured in one spot. You could select from a wide range of colours and designs to suit the look you’re trying to pull off!


Why not sharpen your look with a few subtle add-ons when you can? Browse through ikman now and fish out what’s best for you!







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