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Business Ideas for Women in 2020

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Why do we need more business ideas for women?

We live amidst an ever-evolving society and changing economic conditions. This calls for each of us to find financial freedom. This can mean taking up a well-paid job or creating a side hustle to make an extra income from the comfort of your home. Meanwhile, letting your talents idle is an utter waste of your potential. As Michelle Obama says, “Success is only meaningful and enjoyable if it feels like your own.” 

Yet, there are no get-rich-quick schemes for successful growth. That’s why we brainstormed some small business ideas for women entrepreneurs. This may help you to get started. Indeed, your unique capabilities, work ethic, and passion can drive your business growth. Moreover, this may well be the article that ignites a spark in you.

Read on, boss lady! 

Easiest business ideas to start immediately

Running a successful business is not a walk in the park. It takes immense courage to go after a dream and careful planning to smash a business goal. But it’s always better to start from where you are with what you have. So, here are some of the work at home business opportunities for ladies. These can be set up and managed with low investment:

  1. Blogging

If you’ve got a flair for writing and don’t have to snap, scream, and yell at your keyboard to make words obey you, then blogging could be a sure hit for you. You can share your knowledge and experience with a niche audience and build a readership for yourself. Bloggers earn through affiliate marketing. This means promoting products and services through your blog. All you need is a strong content plan and a commitment to post regularly to build a successful blog. However, keep in mind, it might take some time for your blog to start making money.

  1. Tutoring

Tutoring is one of the well-paid jobs in our country. Look at how many mass tuition centres are around you. It would tell you everything you need to know  But what do students and parents look for at private tuition? Individual attention and customised teaching methods. This can be a key differentiator for your services. Offer that to make a handsome income from teaching. You can even choose to do this part-time using an online medium. What more? You’d be adding true value to the younger generation. 

Meanwhile, hobby and craft classes are in high demand too. This suits parents who want to keep their children occupied after school. Likewise, if you have a skill that’s in vogue, you can arrange workshops and programmes for adults as well. In summary, education has infinite possibilities to develop successful business ideas. 

  1. Pet Care 

Do you love animals? If yes, then the answer is quite straightforward. Set up a pet care business! You can take care of pets that need a reliable, caring home. This service is useful for owners that want to leave on a holiday or need a pair of hands to keep their loving pets safe while they’re away. You could use your home or a designated place for the pets.

  1. Virtual Assistant

The rise in remote working and online businesses means owners need more people to take care of the administration side of things. This opens up opportunities for you to work without being present in an office. Think admin work online. That’s how Virtual Assistants operate. This is one of the good businesses for 2020 as a greater number of people choose to work online. The tasks include answering emails, scheduling meetings, and making calls and travel arrangements. All you need are good communication and organisation skills.

  1. Freelancing Services
  • Writing services – If you enjoy playing around with words, you can start offering content writing, proofreading, and editing services. Make sure you put together a portfolio and continue to refine your skills. 
  • Graphic designing services – If creating artworks excite you, this is a great way to put your artistic skills to use. But choose this only if you can exercise patience because clients can get on your nerves before they approve the final artwork.
  • Photography services – No, we’re not referring to your beautiful, Instagram selfies, and your incredible choice of filters. Yet, if that has made you enthusiastic to take picture after picture until you get the perfect shot and you don’t mind editing out blemishes and defining your photographs until it looks like a piece of magic, then you have a future as a photographer. In fact, lady photographers are in high demand now. 
  • Bookkeeping services – This is likely to help busy entrepreneurs and small businesses handle their accounting and transactions. You can offer your services at an hourly rate. There is plenty of software to help you with work. 

Photo by Jopwell from Pexels 

Other popular business ideas

Do you have more resources to devote to your business? Then the following are possible small scale business ideas with high growth opportunities:

  1. Dropshipping/Online Store

If you’re an avid social media user, this is probably something that’s crossed your mind a thousand times before. Pick a product that is in high demand or research the gaps in the markets. If you are risk-averse, start with low stock and then build your brand as your sales pick up. Yet, if risk-taking excites you, look into novel products that are hard to come by in your local city. This is one of the small business ideas for women entrepreneurs with high returns.

  1. Day Care Centre

If you don’t mind wiping snotty noses and calming down tantrums, this is one of the best businesses for women to start. You’ll need a couple of helpers around because you’re accountable for keeping other people’s children safe. But this could be one of those businesses for housewives and stay-at-home moms that don’t feel like work. 

  1. Stock Trading

The stock market allows one to make money and grow rich. But it takes a great deal of work because you must learn how the market works or end up losing your money. That being said, the stock market is a fantastic tool to build a fortune if used right. If you do your research well and stay focused on the game, you might make a brilliant return. Meanwhile, stockbrokers can help you make smart decisions. But if you have the necessary finance skills then don’t hesitate to step into the share market. It’s one of the most highly-paying business ideas for women. 

  1. Social Media Influencer

Businesses use influencers to attract more customers to their social media handles. If you love sharing your interests – be it fashion, food, travel, makeup, or home decor – then your social media platforms are a great portal for you to monetize your content. For e.g. Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, and even TikTok can make you a star that brands and followers flock to. 

So, produce high-quality content and engage with your followers. Meanwhile, build your personal brand to attract companies to collaborate with you. Yes, they pay you for posting their product pictures. Your goal is to encourage your followers to buy them using your “influence” on them. As one of the most popular side business ideas for ladies, there’s a lot of competition out there. Hence make sure you add value to build a loyal following. 

Tips for women to start a business

Your personal qualities are important to benefit from successful business ideas. Be self-confident that you’ve got what it takes to achieve your business objectives. Likewise, carry out thorough research before you launch your business. Don’t forget to write a clear business plan and budget your future cash flows. This way, you can avoid running into unexpected financial problems. Besides this, network with people. Meanwhile, consult professionals to assist you to make informed decisions. This will help you know your legal rights and obligations. Finally, be persistent and don’t give up. 

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