Checklist for a couple when renting a house

Looking for houses for rent can be exciting and overwhelming at the same time.

Whether you are a recently married couple looking for a new place or planning to move out from your parents or migrating to a new city for a new job, there are a few important things to take into account before you make your decision and sign the rental agreement. Here we put together a checklist to help you make the most out of your rental.


This is the most important factor you need to keep in mind when looking for a house for rent, no matter to which city you move. The place you rent should be close to your workplace and the essential places you need to be at on a daily basis. Otherwise, you will be spending a lot of hours on the road. Here, make sure the house you rent is located in a place close to supermarkets, shops and public transportation, especially if you don’t own a vehicle.

Condition of the house

Not always you come across newly built houses for rent. Thus, make sure your house is in good condition. This means more than a fresh paint job. Make sure all the doors and window locks are working properly. So is the plumbing and the light fixtures. Pay attention to the small details when you see the house. If not, you might have to fix things and replace parts which will come at an extra expense – Worst, you might have to bear the cost for the fixes when you return the house if you don’t point them out before you move into the house.


May be you are seeking an apartment for rent or an annex for rent. No matter what type of property you rent, make sure it has all the facilities that you are looking for. From proper plumbing, pantry cupboards, beautiful countertops to attached bathrooms, make sure the place has the facilities for functionality and aesthetic appeal depending on your taste.


Renting a house meaning a temporary stay. However, make sure to check if the house belongs to a good residential community as safety is very important while living in an unfamiliar city.


Proper locks, window grills, gates and fences or walls around the property ensure you better safety. So always make sure to pay attention to the security and safety measures of the house. If you are renting a luxury apartment, get an idea of the security system of the building before you move in.


Your agreement is your safety net in renting a house. Thus, make sure to discuss the terms and conditions from moving in to moving out and prepare the agreement for the mutual benefit of you and your landlord.

Use this checklist when you are looking for a house for rent and enjoy a smooth rental experience and pleasant stay. Visit Ikman to find houses for rent no matter to which city you move to, your budget, or the facilities you are looking for. 

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