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Car Maintenance During Rain in Sri Lanka

Like any device, proper car maintenance and care will increase the longevity of your car. It is especially important in Sri Lanka, as we have monsoon rains. During these monsoon seasons in particular, it rains nonstop, but we can’t let this stop us, as we have places to go, people to meet, and things to do! So our best bet is to be armed with the know-how of maintaining and caring for your car during the rainy season.

Heavy rain is not the ideal climate to drive in. And the problem is that you can’t always take your car to the mechanic for a car service centre. That is why we have piled up a list of car safety tips you should know to keep your car well-maintained.

Car maintenance tips for the rainy season in sri lanka

  1. Clean your car windows and windshield regularly during the rainy season

Why bother washing your car, windshield or windows during rain? The rain will wash the dirt on your vehicle. Right?

Well, that may be true for bird poop, but otherwise, this assumption is troublesome.

Rainwater is not pure. The impure particles will become deposits on your windshield and mirror when the wetness dries out. If you don’t clean it thoroughly, it could be detrimental to your road vision.

Therefore, it is better to take time and clean it thoroughly after driving in the rain. Use water to wash and make use of car wash liquid. Or just wipe off the rainwater after parking your car in your garage. Another option is to apply hydrophobic wax to your car, as it will prevent raindrops and dirt from sticking to your car.

  1. Check your car lights before driving in the rain

The monsoon season could be a little problematic for your headlight. Any trapped moist air will heat up when the headlight is on and cool down when it is off. Because of this, there will be condensation on the interior of the headlight and dim its brightness. Normally, this happens due to blockages in the housing vents in the headlight.

Therefore it is better to check if your lights have enough brightness. Check if the vents are dirty or broken and get them fixed. This includes brake lights, headlights, fog lights, hazard lights, tail lights, indicators, etc. 

  1. Check your car battery

Car batteries work twice as usual during the rain. Here are two reasons that fuel this high usage: 

  • Extra usage for lights and air conditioning 
  • Low temperature or cold weather reduces battery capacity
  • Slow traffic flow during rainfall affects engine revolutions which are required to charge the battery

Generally, car batteries need to be replaced after three to four years of use. But it may not always be the case in a country like Sri Lanka, where there is regular rainfall. Therefore it is better to check if the battery is working properly before heading out. 

Here are a few signs that could mean you should replace your car battery

  1. Check if your car brakes are on point

Car brakes are one of the most important mechanical devices in a vehicle. They can save lives and therefore need to be at their best. 

Water is a slippery molecule and is known to reduce friction. In this case, water on the road can reduce the friction between the tyres-brakes and the tyres-road. Without enough friction, your car brakes won’t be efficient enough for a drive. 

How to know if your brake pads are worn out and need to be replaced:

  • Slow-done time is longer than usual even on dry roads
  • If you feel you have less control of the brake
  • Screeching sounds and heavy vibrations when you step on the brakes
  • If the brake pad thickness is less than 2.54cm (talk to your dealer to know the exact number for your pad)
  1. Proper tyre maintenance 

Even if your brakes are perfect, it wouldn’t matter if your tyres aren’t in good shape. 

If you drive a lot during the dry seasons too, your tyres could experience a lot of wear and tear. As a result, when the road is slippery during rainy seasons, your tires will fail to provide enough friction for the car to cling to the road. 

To know if you need a tyre replacement, you can touch and feel the texture of the rubber. You can also check the tires’ wear indicator bar. 

  1. Interior care is critical during the rainy season in Sri Lanka

The first five car maintenance tips for the monsoon season are mainly about the exterior of a car. Even the interior can get wet during rain, and create a bad smell, affecting your driving experience. Sometimes, even mildew can form on the windshield, again disturbing your vision.

Here’s how you can take care of your car’s interior by reducing wetness during rainy days.

  • Place replaceable materials like a newspaper on the carpets so they absorb water and mud from your shoes.
  • Vacuum or wipe the seats to remove any water that latched onto them.
  • Use an air freshener for a better smell

Final words

Whether it is during the dry or rainy season, maintaining your vehicle is non-negotiable. It allows you to have a safe and enjoyable experience. Moreover, it helps you maintain the value of the car. Proper car maintenance will enhance its life and retains quality. So that when you want to sell your car and buy a new car, you can make the case for a well-looked-after vehicle.


How can I control my car in the drain?
Don’t drive fast. Leave ample distance between cars from behind and car in front of you. Do not hurry, even on the highway.

Should I dry my car after a drive in the rain?

It is better to dry your car after driving in the rain. Make sure you clean thoroughly.

Will driving my car in the rain cause serious damage?

Car breakdowns are frequent in wet conditions. Driving in heavy rain can cause serious damage.

Should I wash my car after it rains?

It is highly advisable to wash your car immediately after rainfall. Don’t let the car dry with rainwater on its surface.

When should I wash my car?

It is better to wash your car before sunrise, ideally before 10 AM, or when the sun is less harsh after 4 PM. If you have a garage,  then you can wash it any time.

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