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How to find the perfect office space for rent in Sri Lanka

When looking for an office space to rent, there are many factors to consider. Whether you are a small startup or an established business, the right office space can add tremendous value to your brand and business. So here is everything you need to know when you are looking for an office for rent in Sri Lanka.

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Types of Office Spaces

  • Traditional Office Spaces – Ordinary, Dated and Segregated Operations.
  • Creative Office Space – Modern, Trending and Employee Friendly.
  • Coworking Space – New Norm, Hassle-free and Adaptive.
  • Executive Suites – Glamorous, Minimalistic and Efficient.

How to identify the space you need?

  • Occupant Size and Availability
  • Daily Interactions
  • Growth

How to choose an office space?

  • Budget
  • Location
  • Employee Needs

How to find an office space for rent

Types of Office Spaces

When selecting an office space, you need to make sure that you are going for the right type of space that best fits your business and company culture. So let’s look at the type of office spaces.

Traditional Office Spaces – Ordinary, Dated and Segregated Operations.

  • Office spaces for rent that have packed cubicles amid what would have been an open space.
  • Most conventional way in housing businesses.
  • Spaces include reception areas, private offices for executives, breakrooms, and conference halls.

Creative Office Space – Modern, Trending and Employee Friendly.

  • Creative offices inculcate the benefits of open space designs.
  • Here, much more interaction occurs between individuals.
  • The most employee-centric office space for rent.
  • Ideal for sparking creativity amongst colleagues.
  • Features included are collaborative spaces such as conference rooms and workstations. (Additionally can have large kitchens, break rooms, game rooms and lounges.)

Co-working Space – New Norm, Hassle-free and Adaptive.

  • Free from the leasing paperwork, terms, and conditions is a makeshift office space for rent.
  • Lower capital is required since the ownership is settled monthly.
  • Help enhance social synergy and collaboration.
  • Provides a good laid-back environment for those on tight budgets and value flexibility.

Executive Suites – Glamorous, Minimalistic and Efficient.

  • The conventional style of coworking spaces.
  • Shared working spaces include reception areas, conference rooms, lobbies, and break rooms.
  • More grandeur settings and aesthetic environments.
  • The benefits come alongside rent term flexibility, anywhere between monthly or a bi-annual basis.

How to identify the space you need?

Since now you know the types of office spaces, let’s look at how to identify the space for your needs.

Occupant Size and Availability

The number of employees that serve your business is the key factor in how much office space you would need. So, their availability should also be taken into consideration as not all employees are on-site simultaneously. The space allocated per employee should suffice their bare minimum requirements.

Daily Interactions

How your employees interact on a normal day’s work plays a decisive role in office space requirements. Tall organizational structures require minimum collaboration between personnel. On the other hand, wider organizational structures interact consistently. So choose between a segregated or an open office space accordingly.


Think about where you might see the business in the next 5-10 years. You would want your office space to house a growing business, not just for what it is right now. So think about the growing needs you will face as the business expands in the right direction. This includes the increase in employees and the assets of the business.

You wouldn’t want to rent a space only to have it outgrown in a few years. So free tools such as an online office space calculator can help you out with identifying your spatial needs.

How to choose an office space?

Whether you are going for a furnished office space for rent or not, the workspace should suit the purpose and function of your business. Thus choosing the right workspace can be a daunting task if you are looking for your first office space. So here are a few tips to keep in mind.


Nothing affects your choice of office space for rent more than your very own budget. This affects the location of your space, how much space you can be offered and the ‘class’ of the workspace. As a growing business, the office space for rent you need should be the space you can afford.

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Know where you would want your operations to be located. Picking the right location should consider many factors. Well-located office space is easily accessible to its employees. Also it should be strategically located from its competitors and clients for their convenience.

Employee Needs

Employees deserve a workable, safe, and well-facilitated environment. That’s where a building’s class comes into play. The more amenities, ergonomics and aesthetics the space has, the more productive the employees get. So if in need of more employee-centricity, go for a better class.


How to find office space for rent?

First, identify your needs as well as your employees. Then, you can go searching for a space for rent in Colombo. We recommend you do your own background research on it online. For this, you can use commercial real estate listing websites like Doing your own research helps you gain knowledge on real estate, enhancing your negotiating skills. 

Another option would be to contact a professional commercial leasing agent. As the experts in the field, they would be ready to cater for your needs as a growing business.

Your business needs, company culture and future goals for your company are some of the key factors that you need to consider when selecting an office space. Apart from that, location and budget are also crucial to consider. Looking for an office space for rent? Check out the best office spaces for rent in Colombo and other areas in


Why is office space important?

Every company needs its employees to collaborate as a team for higher operational efficiency. So a functional workplace or office can be a great way to encourage collaboration in your team. On the other hand, this also increases productivity and quality.

What are the spaces in an office?

The dedicated spaces of your office should be decided based on our company requirements and culture. However, meeting and conference rooms, reception and greeting area, kitchen and the common area are some of the must-have features in an office.

What makes a good workspace?

You need an office space that is safe, comfortable, and stress-free. In an effective workspace, people can move around freely, and they are confined to desks. Good office space also provides good opportunities for creative collaboration.

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