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Post your ad absolutely FREE on ikman Marketplace!

No matter how small your marketing budgets are, now you don’t have to cut down on your advertising expenses! is excited to announce an entirely cost-free listing for sellers! 

You can post your ad free-of-charge on over 50 categories now on Sell your property, vehicles, laptops, essentials, and even mobile phones and electronic items with ease by placing your ad on 

How does this benefit ad posters?

You are no longer burdened with paying for ikman Marketplace product ads effective immediately on!  Post your Mobile Phones, TVs, Furnitures and all other miscellaneous items absolutely FREE. Selling off any unused/unwanted item in your home is only a few clicks away. Just snap it, upload it and sell it! 

Furthermore If you want more visibility on your advertisement now you can choose a wide variety of promotions starting as low as LKR 150/-.

Our Business & Industries and Services Categories will remain Listing Fee Eligible.

To find out how many free ads are available for you to use under each category, have a look at the table below:

Free Ad Limit per monthCategory
4Home and Garden
4Hobby Sports and Kids
4Food & Agriculture
4Fashion, Health & Beauty

You may even post a greater number of ads but normal charges will apply once you exceed the free ad limit each month. 

Are you running a business? Our proposition gets even better! Get in touch with our hotline 0112 350 350 to learn about our membership packages

What else is FREE on ikman?

Property sales are booming these days! So we made it more convenient & affordable to buy & sell on ikman!

All lands, houses, and commercial property listings up to a value of LKR 1 million are now FREE! Moreover, apartment listings are free up to a value of LKR 8 million. 

Furthermore, you can post Free ads if you’re renting out a house, apartment, commercial property, or rooms and annexes within a monthly rental of LKR 10,000 

Import restrictions have boosted used vehicle prices twofold! ikman Vehicles now allows free listing for cars, vans, buses, lorries, and heavy machinery and tractors up to a value of LKR 1 million. 

For detailed list of listing fee free categories, free ad limits & promotions, click 

What is the Urgent Bundle?

Another feature ad posters can make use of is our Urgent Bundle. The Urgent promotion allows sellers to communicate the urgency of a product offered for sale. The listing will carry a red, “Urgent” tag on the post. Yet, will it work the same way for free ads?

As an exclusive promotion for free ad posters, the Urgent Bundle offers the following:

  • The ad will run for 3 days under the “Urgent” promotion option. 
  • The ad will also show up on Similar Ads. It will be visible at the top of the Ad Details page/screen. 
  • Seller Analytics will give you insights into your ad performance. This is accessible from My Account and Ad Details page/screen.

The Urgent Bundle is not available for members or paid ads. The regular Urgent Promotion is LKR 300 but the Urgent Bundle for free ads is only LKR 150 for most of the marketplace verticals. But for Property and Vehicles, the discounted price is LKR 200.

The promotion selection page displays different icons for Urgent Bundle and Urgent Promotion. This is likely to assist ad posters to distinguish between the two promotional tools at a glance. 

What are the value-additions for free ad posters?

Is this a marketing gimmick to gain your confidence but give you no results in return? Absolutely not! We have many features to make this promotion go from Meh to Awesome in no time!

Seller Analytics

How would you know what to improve on your ad without adequate feedback? This is the purpose of the Seller Analytics. The Urgent Bundle activates this feature for both paid and free ad posters who use the Urgent Bundle. However, free ads posted without the Urgent Bundle will not gain access to Seller Analytics. 

Parallel Release on iOS

Seller Analytics is now available on the iOS app. This was not accessible before the release of the Urgent Bundle. But recognising its value for ad posters, the Urgent Bundle enabled the iOS version to include this feature. To view your Seller Analytics, head over to My Account and Ad Details screen. 

My Membership Screen

This is a further addition to the iOS app. It allows ad posters to observe the performance of their ads. It also enables them to monitor active memberships and the number of views and leads on their ads. 

With so many reasons why you should make use of the Urgent Bundle and post your free ad on, there’s only one logical step forward. Post your ad now! Download ikman mobile app to post, browse and sell your goods and services fast and cheap. And while you do that, save some bucks on your payment card!  

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