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Private Filter for non-member ad listings

Post your ad the old-fashioned way with our newest release – Private Filter! Less competition and more leads for non-members on With ikman as your favourite advertising pal, why spam online community pages with your advertisements? 

We are here to resolve your concerns! 

What is Private Filter?

Personal ad posters now have a fabulous chance to outshine the constant flow of ads live on ikman. Buyers can now let ikman search results display ads from individual and private sellers only

How to use the Private Filter? 

To do this, simply go to or open the ikman App and tap on “All Ads”. On the left-hand side panel, choose the type of poster. It will show viewers options such as: 

  • All
  • Members
  • Authorized Dealers
  • Non-members 

Then select “non-members” from the above list. The results will then show ads posted by non-members on ikman. 

Meanwhile, there is also a minor UI upgrade. The “Type of poster” has been converted from a radio button to a dropdown approach. The end result? A much cleaner screen without too many texts distracting you from your shopping! 

What are the benefits of Private Filter?

Worried about corporate ads overtaking yours? Annoyed about having to jostle for engagement while paying more? Furious about fewer and fewer leads? Confused about the usefulness of promotions? 

The Private Filter’s only purpose is to bundle all your negative emotions about posting on ikman and getting rid of them all at once. 

But how exactly do you gain from this feature as a private or one-time ad poster? We’ve explained it below: 

  1. More exposure

As more and more businesses use ikman as their marketing platform, the number of ads continue to build up each day. This implies heavy rivalry amongst listings that show up in a customer’s query. Thus, you may feel like your ad has slipped down the gutter, stagnant, and useless. 

This is where the Private Filter comes in. A tiny tool with heaps of power to get your ad more views it rightfully deserves! This is because a designated page that pulls up only non-member ads is helpful for private sellers. This lets you win an important space on the SERP. 

  1. Better value for money

You want to pay for what gives you returns, don’t you? With the Private Filter, you get more exposure on ikman, which helps you attract greater leads. When you weigh your pros and cons of posting on ikman, now you know your money is getting you exactly want you want – a higher chance of a confirmed sale! 

Want to hear another great news? ikman’s free ad listing means you don’t have to pay for your ad on over 50 categories on ikman (for more details, head over to our blog). Post and sell fast, like in the good ol’ ikman days when you could run your show like a boss! 

Meanwhile, you can choose to promote your ad using TopAds, Daily Bump Up, Urgent or Spotlight. Stand a greater chance to impress your customers with fewer non-member ads to compete with. All this is possible, thanks to the Private Filter. 

  1. Last longer within the top search results

More ads on ikman mean your ad becomes older faster than signal lights change colour. It leaves you in an awkward place – with an ad that’s performing only at half its potential. But when the Private Filter swishes its magical wand on your ad, you have fewer ads to compete with. 

And on top of that, if you opt to promote your ads using TopAds, Daily Bump, Urgent, or Spotlight, then you’ve got a promising start! 

It’s not easy to bring your product/service to the top of search results, whether it’s on Google or any other online platform. But the right tools and a few tweaks from our end helps to bring your advertising goals much closer. Head over to ikman now and post your ad. But don’t forget to use the Private Filter yourself when you look for something to buy off ikman marketplace! 

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