Finding that special phone!

It takes an expert to figure out what phone fits you the best in this extremely competitive fast paced tech world, but have no fear as I am here, to guide you through to find THE one.

  1. If you are like me, obsessed with speedy response time as nothing gets you more annoyed than having to see your list of contacts load so slow when you’re trying to make that one urgent call, and if you also place your trust in known brands like I do, then your match is none other than a phone from the iphone family. It’s sophisticated, rarely lags and is worth all that money because you finally get to work in real time. Iphone 6, 6s and even the 7 are fantastic options. If you’re on a budget the iphone SE offers almost the same specifications and updates as an iphone 6s and its size is absolutely perfect if you’re into phones which do fit your pocket with ease.



If you’re forever in war with the iphone, don’t fret because androids got just as much as speed if you need it.

The champion, Samsung Galaxy S7, note 7, tied up with Google nexus 6 tops the list for speed.You can also check out Samsung Galaxy S5 with its 2.5 GHz and the S6 Edge which is a treat with its 2.1 GHz processor. Not a fan of Samsung? Not to worry! The HTC one series have made it to the list with their super speedy 2.2GHz processors challenging Samsung and they have a range from which you can select what appeal to you the best. HTC 10 the recent unveiling, HTC One M9+, HTC One M9 and the HTC One X9 is yours to choose from.


  1. The anti- water photo maniac.

If you are the type to snap pictures of anything and everything posting it on IG; camera quality is crucial. The front cam is just as important to capture those crazy faces you make on snapchat. Added points for water or splash resistance.

The maestros that make the best cameras, Sony Xperia Z5, and X offers a whopping 23 MP camera and an equally amazing front camera of 13 MP. Sony swoops the prize on that one, but there are contenders such as LG G4 Pro with 27 MP back camera. Even if you don’t believe in Megapixels go for Google Pixel which is currently trending as it has received many positive reviews on features it has to offer besides great pictures. Pixel promises an end to everyone’s worst nightmare, that annoying notification saying you’re running out of space. Unlimited memory by Pixel has us completely wowed!


  1. The accident prone- oh no I hope that was my leg instead of my phone person.

Sony Xperia Z2 is quite a hardy phone and you will rarely have a spider web on your screen as a result of cracking due to those constant falls. If that’s a bit too over the top for you, go for Motorola Defy or the Samsung Galaxy Xcover 3. Its smart, hardy and it has the basics. It is a bit tough to have it both ways but a best bet would be a Sony Xperia as it is durable and has plenty to offer. However, if you’re a walking disaster, I’d suggest the trusted brand of durability. Go back in time and get yourself a Nokia Xpress music, or the tech grenade of our generation the Nokia 3310. Enjoy playing snake and indulging in the nostalgia that flows along.



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