Get the pet you’ve always wanted through ikman!

We all take a fancy towards all sorts of pets, but it is tough to find the exact type of animal and breed according to preference. Unless you’re a cat or dog person who could either adopt or buy through professional breeders, it is almost impossible to find either the bird you always wanted or those little bunny rabbits to be hopping about your yard.


This is where ikman comes to the rescue. You could shop from a wide range of pets from exotic birds such as parrots, pigeons, hens to all breeds of dogs imaginable.

  1. For all the parrot lovers.

Believe it or not, you can get yourself the most exotic parrots in the island without having to go in search just through a click. Browse through the most gorgeous eclectus parrot to the beautiful African grey parrot! Who wouldn’t want to have a delightful pair of sun conure’s as pets. They’re known to be great pets and excellent to train.


  1. Dog lovers, take your pick!

From the popular Labradors to the Dachshunds, German Shepherds to the Rottweiler’s could be bought through ikman. How about the unpopular breeds you ask? Well it’s just a matter of browsing through ikman. You could welcome a Lion Shepherd or even a Shihtzu for a change. Love Dalmatians? Who doesn’t! Get a cute Tibetan terrier; they are a handful but an absolute joy to have. So all the dog lovers out there just got to take their pick and give these pups a loving home!


  1. Only a cat person? No problem.

Persian cats are an absolute beauty but there’s no turning your back to any cat if you’re a genuine cat person. However, if you’re into breeds check out what ikmans got to offer. But while you’re at it why not give a kitten a home and adopt. You could give dedicate a bit of space from your heart and home, by providing a loving environment for an abandoned kitten. Adopt once and you’ll never look back.


  1. Did someone say Rabbit?

You don’t have to search anymore to find a rabbit to make your kids happy. ikmans got plenty of rabbits for sale. These little pets are the best example for innocence and they’re fun to watch. If you’re keen on buying one, do get a pair because there is nothing more therapeutic than to watch rabbits play. They make great pets for kids and can make anyone’s day brighter and enjoyable.


  1. Exotic fish

There is something therapeutic about watching fish swim. If you find relaxation is a home aquarium, you could get a variety of fish for your home or office fish tank or pond. You could always opt for a variety of fascinating fish to swim about and keep you busy if you enjoy a quiet and soothing scene to lay your eyes on. ikman also offers a wide range of fish tanks for you to choose from, to give your fish an aquarium of their own!