Helping Individuals and Small Businesses Harness Power of Online Marketplace

Since it was established in 2012 as the country’s first completely-free classified website, ikman.lk continues today on its mission in providing a simple, safe and fast buying-selling experience for consumers.

With a greater vision of propelling online trading, ikman.lk is renowned as an ideal platform, the best one-stop destination to buy and sell almost anything. For individuals as well as small and medium-sized enterprises who lack online trading expertise to meet the sophisticated requirements of marketplace technology, ikman.lk is recognised as an integral ally to improve and transform their growth prospects.

For Foshen Wickramasingha, owner of The SmartPhone Shop, Maharagama, ikman.lk has played an important role in helping to unlock the potential of the online marketplace.

“I became a member in 2015 and for the past five years my business has grown more than 50%. With ikman.lk assistance and feedback I have been able to reach a broader customer base. Their customer service is also extremely attentive and guidance given helps our business perform more efficiently. They also regularly introduce new features that help to promote businesses like ours. ikman.lk is such a popular website and gives our products exposure to a growing customer base. We would not have been able achieve this success on our own,” Wickramasingha noted.

Celebrated as the country’s largest online community, ikman.lk continues to empower many individuals. For Sahan Gunathilaka, an ikman.lk member since the platform was launched, he has successfully achieved immense success over the years. He noted, “I joined ikman.lk as a listing customer from the inception. Throughout these years I have experienced truly excellent service from the team. ikman.lk gave me a ready platform to sell and create business opportunities that have secured my future.”

ikman.lk understands the important role small to medium-sized enterprises play towards economic development and the local community. For the past seven years, ikman.lk have contributed towards their growth trajectory with increased revenues, improved market reach, access to new markets and enhanced customer experience.

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