How to become a successful teacher in Sri Lanka

Regardless of your gender, a teaching job is a good career option to consider in Sri Lanka for many reasons. Being a country that values and pursues education, there is a high demand for teachers in Sri Lanka. So in this article, we share a quick guide to help you understand what it takes to do a teaching job in Sri Lanka

Why do a teaching job in Sri Lanka?

In an island like Sri Lanka, teaching job is known to be one of the best occupations for educated people. Why?


A career in teaching enables you to enjoy a lot of freedom and flexibility compared to other careers. For example, your service is required for only half of the day, only 5 days a week. Therefore, you get the whole weekend to yourself. Additionally, you get nearly three months’ vacation every year in between school terms. 

Social Status

Sri Lankan society respects teachers very much. Thus, no matter where you go, the recognition you get if you have a teaching job is massive and only second to doctors.

Financial Stability

Teachers are able to earn a stable income from their job. If you are a government school teacher, you get entitled to a pension after your retirement. So, you can be sure of a secure retired life.

Make an impact

You get the pleasure of making a genuine impact in society. Moreover, you can shape the minds of the future generation.

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Are you really interested in becoming a teacher in Sri Lanka? Then, here are 4 important things to keep in mind to get the most of your career. 

Types of teaching jobs in Sri Lanka

There are many different teaching jobs such as 

·       Government School Teacher 

·       Graduate Teacher in Government Schools 

·       Teacher at International Schools

·       Tuition Teacher

·       Montessori Teacher

Therefore, make sure to understand your options and see what’s your preference. 

Know your passion

You need to choose your career carefully. This is because you will be dedicating a significant part of your life to your career success. Thus, understand what subjects you like to teach and what type of students you like to deal with. Do you like working with small children? Or, do you like teaching deep subject matter and spend time with curious teens?

Here you also need to consider your educational qualifications – So is the vibe you expect from your job. For instance, having playtime with toddlers playing with play dough is completely different from teaching a history class for O/L students.

Get your qualifications.

Based on the type of teaching job you seek, understand the qualifications that you need to complete to apply for it. Make sure to always join a reputable organization to complete your professional education. So you can receive a quality education. 

Find Good Teaching Job vacancies in Sri Lanka.

When you are looking for teaching jobs in Sri Lanka, there is no better place than to do your job search. The platform offers you many job opportunities with a click of a button.

If you are ready to become a teacher, head over to today and find the best teaching job vacancies in Sri Lanka for free.

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