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How to choose the best price for your vehicle Ad on ikman 

At ikman, we have observed many sellers mispricing their used cars while posting ads to sell. This often results in the sellers losing out on great deals when it comes to selling a car in Sri Lanka.

Sellers make these mistakes without understanding the product’s current market value. To combat this, ikman has come up with a solution.

How to find the best price to sell a vehicle online on ikman?

At ikman, we believe in providing a platform that helps you make the best deals. Using available data, we have developed a solution to help mitigate pricing mistakes.

Our new price suggestion feature helps you by suggesting an average price for the vehicle you are trying to sell.  All you have to do is provide the brand, model, and year of manufacture. ikman will take care of the rest to ensure you quote the best price without over-pricing or under-pricing your ad.


The price suggestions are based on precise data collected through years of being the go-to- online marketplace in Sri Lanka. It reduces any effort required to scour around to figure out your car’s market value. 

We will also be releasing this update for other products soon to make sure that ikman gets you the best deal possible. 

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