How to Find Good Part-Time Jobs in Sri Lanka?

Part time jobs have become a trending topic with the pandemic hitting hard, most employees facing sudden terminations, and businesses facing difficulties. The need to have a contingency plan has become stronger. 

Among the wide range of jobs you could do, online jobs can be named the easiest, since they do not require traveling to work, offer flexible hours often, and there’s no hidden cost.  

What are the best jobs in Sri Lanka you could do online? Are there any part time vacancies? How do you get an offer? Today’s blog is all about getting answers to these questions.

Part-time jobs can be divided into two categories. One, for those who have a special skill, and two, for those who do not possess any special skills. For example, if you are a designer, you can apply for a part time job in design. If you are a writer, you can apply for a part time writing job. These types of jobs do not require physically being present at work, therefore these can be easily agreed to be done as online jobs.

What if you fall under category two, where you do not possess any special skill, or have no prior work experience? There are other job vacancies you could find online such as data entry operators, call center executives, etc. Some of these jobs might require a brief training session which you can request from your employer.

What are the best part time jobs?

The best jobs in Sri Lanka you could pursue as part-time jobs are blogging, freelance services such as designing, website development, and writing, and other general online jobs such as customer care, dropshipping, affiliate marketing, and eCommerce, and even becoming a Youtuber.

Investing a few months to learn some new skills like designing, website development, blogging, etc. can pave a path for you to become a freelancer. 

The advantage of freelancing is that you can work flexible, convenient hours, and there is no limit to the amount of work you can do. The more experience you gain, the more customers you will attract. A strong portfolio with your skill-set and previous work samples will land you many customers, be it local or international.

If you decide to pursue online jobs in dropshipping, affiliate marketing, eCommerce, or becoming a Youtuber, the possibilities are endless. There are ample resources to self-learn how to do these jobs, such as videos, tutorials, and articles. 

Some people do these jobs as their main source of income, too. These jobs can easily generate more revenue if you invest more time and effort in it. If you envision yourself with the goals you want to reach, these jobs can easily earn you more than you think.

What can I do if I don’t have any experience?

If you do not have any experience in working, fear not. Whether you’re a school leaver, a housewife, or a retired person, there is something for everyone. 

Data entry operating, tele-calling, and customer care are some of the jobs available for you if you lack experience. You can find job updates regularly on job portals like ikmanJOBS, so be on the lookout!

You can also apply for online jobs that provide training before the job, where you will learn a new set of skills while earning money. The pay for these online jobs usually starts from LKR 10,000, however, the more hours and effort you invest, the more money you will earn.

How do I find job vacancies?

UpWork and People Per Hour are some of the global sites you can advertise your work. The process is pretty simple, create an account, enter your information, your resume, and your portfolio. 

You can assign rates for your work, depending on how skilled you are, and by comparing competitive pricing. These sites can bring you international clients who will usually pay above the local rates for these online jobs. However, be careful, they also expect you to deliver quality work!  

If you want to advertise your work to local communities, you can use Facebook groups for organic reach. This is where you can post about your work or inquire about already posted work. You can also browse through the Facebook jobs section and filter settings according to your requirement.

Ikman Job Portal is a paradise for those who are looking for the best jobs in Sri Lanka. Many online jobs are now advertised on Ikman as the recruiters can get many applications due to the popularity of the site. You can create your resume through the job portal and easily apply to the job vacancies mentioned on site. 

Benefits of part time online jobs

  • Part time jobs are a great way to earn money in the comfort of your home. 
  • Flexible hours are an added advantage of most of these jobs. 
  • The extra income can be quite useful in desperate times like these.

Businesses and full-time employment are taking a direct hit. The world of the internet and online jobs is expanding considerably, and Sri Lanka is slowly adapting to the new normal, where the working from home option is considered by some of the largest companies.

Before you start looking for a part time online job, make sure you can fit the number of hours you need to work into your schedule. While making an extra income is important, keep in mind that overloading yourself with work can be exhausting. 

Mental health is of utmost importance when you work from home, as there can be times you feel lethargic and reluctant to work. 

Lack of enthusiasm can affect negatively on your side hustle as well as your full-time career, therefore always take calculated risks. We wish you all the best in pursuing your dreams and reaching success!

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