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How to Get a Packing Job in Sri Lanka?

Are you on the lookout for a job role that asks for minimum educational qualifications and work experience? Then, packing officer jobs in Sri Lanka will be ideal for you. 

What does a packing job involve?

The job title itself speaks for the jobs role. Packaging jobs involve packing various types of goods in a manner that they are suitable and ready for distribution. The type of packaging or how you pack depends on the type, value, destination etc. of the goods. 

Although this might sound like a simple task, in reality, it is not. Each type of goods require specific packaging. If there is an issue or damage in the packaging, it would damage and ruin the goods. Items such as foods and drinks will get spoilt due to bad packing. Fabric, paper, or electrical and electronic items will get ruined or malfunction if the packing is not done properly. They need to be waterproof, dustproof, shock proof etc. Therefore, the process is a careful and meticulous one that needs proper training. 

Packing boxes
Packing boxes (Source: Pexels)

Most packers will work in a warehouse environment. They will prepare finished products for packaging and shipment. Each packer will have their own assigned specific area. Within that space, they will retrieve the needed items from the inventory. Then, they will check that the goods are in good condition, wrap them securely, and pack them for shipping. 

Objectives and responsibilities 

These will be dependent on the specific company. However, the following are some common objectives and responsibilities that a company will expect from any packer. 

  • Following company procedures and standards
  • Handling inventory with care and attention to detail
  • Inspecting, weighing, and packaging products
  • Ensuring the careful packaging and moving of products
  • Verifying compliance with quality, safety, production standards, work rules
  • Efficient operation of equipment
  • Working at different stations as production requires
  • Following company safety policies and procedures, and encouraging other associates to do the same
  • Adhering to safety programs and compliance for a safe work environment
  • Maintaining a clean and safe work environment
Packing grains
Packing grains (Source: Pexels)


One thing to note is that the specific company / factory / workplace will have their specific methods of packing. You will have to get used to those methods. The method will ultimately depend on the type of good. Some companies will pack delicate item types by hand with extra caution.

On the other hand, they will pack hard goods such as papers, food etc. using machines. This, again, depends on the company. Most companies will be following standard packaging procedures so that they will maintain quality standards and efficient production.

Types of goods 

The types of goods you will have to pack will depend on the company you are planning to join. You might join the packaging and distribution department of a company. So, if you join a garment factory, you will be handling the packing of garment items.

On the other hand, you might join a company that is dedicated to packaging or packaging and distribution of goods. Manufacturing companies outsource their packing and distribution work to such companies. In such companies, you will find more than one type of goods. The reason is that they will be handling goods from several types of manufacturing companies. These could vary starting from fruits, vegetables, other food types, garments, fabric, to books, papers, electronic and electrical equipment etc.

The following are some types of companies that will have packing job vacancies:

  • Retail stores
  • Companies specialising in exporting new and used clothing
  • Garment manufacturers
  • Wholesalers and distributors
  • Mail order and internet retailers
  • Garment rental companies
  • Shipping and forwarding agents
  • Removal firms
  • Warehouse and storage companies
  • Companies that pack manufactured goods for export
Packing using machinery
Packing using machinery (Source: Pexels)

Educational qualifications and experience

For this role, there are no specific qualifications required. However, some recruiting companies would ask for minimum qualifications in Ordinary Level Examinations. Some others will ask for a required grade for Ordinary Level or Advanced Level English subjects. Depending on the job role, the recruiting company might also ask for basic computer literacy. The reason is that almost everything is starting to rely on technology, and so are the industries. To get things done effectively and efficiently, workplaces are switching to computerized systems to record and monitor all the processes. 

In terms of experience, most vacancies will ask for no experience. Each company will have their own methods and procedures when it comes to packaging. So, most companies will give training to the new employees once recruited. The training would include an introduction to the company and the job role. It will also inform you of the company’s health and safety measures, staff welfare and employment terms and conditions. There will also be on the job training under the supervision of a more experienced worker. 

The most important thing you need to know is that this job role requires being detail-oriented and communicative. As long as you prove that you have that potential, you will have a good chance of being recruited. 

Payment methods

Depending on the company you join, your method of payment will vary. Some companies will pay you monthly, or weekly. There are also companies that would pay per day. Moreover, you will have the option to get paid per hour or per unit / item that you pack. Companies will also offer overtime pay as well as incentives for exceeding required output. 

Packing jobs do no require advanced educational qualifications and work experience. So, this would be one of the best options if you were looking for such a job. Do you think you can meet the responsibilities and objectives of a packing job role? Then, hurry and check out these packing job roles vacancies in Sri Lanka.

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