If it’s ​”Urgent”, Sell it on ikman!

It can be hugely tiring to make a sale or lock a deal but when pressurized with a time limit, the stress can be humungous! That’s why ikman just released a new feature to enable urgent promotions to be seen
and heard out loud.

Yes, “Urgent” is a feature to post goods and services that you need to sell off quickly. A red marker will be visible on your ad to convey the urgency to interested buyers. This helps to differentiate such promotions against regular ads.

How the banner would appear

What is the difference between a Top Ad, Bump Up & Urgent Promotions?

Top Ad aims to increase view for the AD and a Bump Up aims to increase the number of interested calls an ad receives. “Urgent”, on the other hand, acts like a critical ambulance siren, drawing attention of those who prefer to deal with a quicker sale.

Users will start seeing this option in the checkout flows

As a seller, you will be benefited by enquiries from more serious clients. This improves the effectiveness of your ad. Ad posters also have the option to combine Urgent Promotions with a Top Ad or Bumper Ad to score a sale even faster.

An Urgent Promotion can work independently without other types of promotions. However, if used collectively with another promotion then it results in a rigorous form of promotional method, ensuring optimal results.

Who can use an Urgent Promotion?

Anyone who wants to sell any type of product, from property to consumer durables to a service will find this promotion useful. Since the prices are cost-effective, this promotion is suitable even for low priced products and bargains. The motive is to invite buyers who are keen for a quicker sale.

An introductory price scheme is in place for Urgent Promotions, starting for as low as Rs. 300 for a 3 day promotion. There are options of 7 to 15 days as well, with a price range of Rs. 400 and Rs. 500 respectively.

Users will start seeing this option in the checkout flows

Ads posted via web can use this new promotion immediately. Soon, mobile users will also have access to this feature. Our technical team is working around the clock to maximise user experience with minimal time lag.

Users will start seeing this promotion on the SERP as shown

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