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ikman for your designated spare part needs!

Gone are the days you spend days, weeks, months looking for that ideal or even matching spare part. You’ve got to worry no more, of having to comb throughout the whole of Sri Lanka to find what was known as rare and hard to find back in the day.

Nothing is impossible or difficult to find with ikman. Chances are that what you’re looking for will be on ikman, and all you’ve got to do is browse thoroughly.

Browse through a range of spare parts, ranging from vehicles to electronics to equipments. Why discard something perfectly usable when you can replace?


Spare parts for your vehicle

For all your spare part needs just type in what you need (correctly spelled, of course!) and you will have what you’re looking for. Gone are the days you spent a week or two going from shop to shop, or garage to garage toiling away hoping they’ve got what you require. It’s made possible for you with a simple click where you can now browse through, spare wheels to ABS units, vehicle batteries to tires in order to find a suitable match to your vehicle. Can’t find what you’re looking for?

Click on the cars and vehicles category and under this particular option simply select the tab ‘auto parts and accessories’ to narrow down your search. You won’t be disappointed as there are over 1000 listings under this category.

Electronic Spare parts and replacement services

Have you ever had to say goodbye to a quite a new phone or barely used laptop, may be due to a dysfunctional keyboard or hardware issue? Replace and save! Why not go for a life hack and save a whole load of money when it’s such an easy option, thanks to ikman.

Make your way to the Electronics section of the ikman page and narrow your search down by clicking on computer or mobile phone accessories section. Select the option according to what you wish to be replaced and search away. You can even resort to a service provider which does replacements for you.

Select from brand new to second hand parts which are affordable and won’t empty your pockets.

Equipment replaceable parts            

Have that old kitchen equipment which has been for over three generations, great sentimental value but is dysfunctional? Well you’re not alone. Most Sri Lankan households gather all sorts of equipment even if they may not work, but for the purpose of reminiscing and sentiment. Relentless times you’ve been asked to get rid of it for being a white elephant. So why not revive the old memories if you can replace a few parts and make it work like a charm!  Simply enter the type of equipment with its brand name which needs replacement and a range of options will be made available. Don’t find what you’re looking for? Simply post an ad via ikman, with what you need and let the item find its way through to you.







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