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ikman launches “Essentials”, an Islandwide platform to navigate COVID 19 safely

In a matter of weeks, COVID-19 has upended the entire world, subsequently reshuffling our priorities. Food, groceries, FMCGS and health care products have become the most searched for terms on Google, with millions of people trying to find essentials to cope with the worldwide lockdown. 

Sri Lanka is not indifferent to the situation. In fact, it has affected the locals drastically due to the lack of online grocery purchasing habits among the majority of Sri Lankans. Bound to their homes with stockpiles running low, tensions run high. Difficulty in procuring timely supplies has left many worried and confused. ikman decided to rise to the occasion to ease the burdens experienced by both sellers and buyers of these goods. 

The solution materialised in the form of ikman Essentials. A brand new initiative by ikman to provide a platform for sellers of essential goods, ranging from fruits, vegetables, dry rations, FMCGs and healthcare items is now available. A specialist landing page dedicated to sellers within this category is up and running. As the vendors can be narrowed down via the location filter, finding suitable local shops and traders within close proximity has become easier than any other systems currently in operation across the country.

Popular delivery and food service providers have paired with large retailers and supermarket chains to deliver essentials but ikman’s primary focus is to create opportunities for small enterprises in Sri Lanka, who are otherwise neglected in the race to fulfill the daily needs of the population in lockdown. The pandemic has stranded many businesses with small players being hit the worst. ikman’s aim is to provide an equal leverage for local grocery stores, pharmacies and suppliers of poultry, fish and fresh produce to connect with buyers in their area. Delivery is undertaken by the sellers, with most coming on board with free delivery options. 

We also understand the financial toll on enterprises during these troubled times. Hence this service allows members to list themselves on ikman Essentials at zero cost for two months, giving them the much needed commercial space to grow and support the needs of the community. Sellers can call the ikman hotline on 0112350350 or simple email us at to setup an online store for your business in less than 4 hours!

As always, ikman continues to innovate in order to answer the demands of our customers. You didn’t make us the most popular website in the country for nothing, did you? So here we are, fulfilling our responsibilities.

Visit and Stay tuned to our facebook page to learn more about our future vision to serve the nation! 

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