ikman.lk ties-up with Cargills Bank

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We have partnered with Cargills Bank, allowing our customers to make listing fee payments (prior to the advertisement’s activation on the site) through the Cargills Cash Facility at Cargills Food City outlets island-wide.

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Cargills Bank’s island-wide presence through Cargills supermarket provides unparalleled convenience to our customers. Customers who list advertisements that require listing fees receive an email notification stating payment details and options. Each notification also carries a short code number, which allows them to make the payment at a Food City outlet.Ikman Cargills Note

Through a Cargills Cash Savings Account the Cargils Bank is extending their touch points where customers do not require making an additional trip to the bank to deposit or withdraw cash. Thus collaborating with ikman by simplifying payments and giving more sustainable options to our dear customers.