ikman.lk’s popularity and superior search capabilities a magnet for the two-wheeler market.

Colombo May 18th, 2016: Given the intense traffic experienced in most cities in Sri Lanka, mobility is increasingly becoming a challenge for all motorists. One of the simplest solutions to this issue is the motorbike, especially as bikes are one of the most convenient and cost effective means of transport, both in rural and semi urban Sri Lanka.This is evidenced by the fact that several households in these areas either own a motorbike or three-wheeler or aspire to. Statistics from the Department of Motor Traffic confirms this trend as for the year 2015, 370,889 new motorcycles have been registered, significantly more than cars (105,628) and three wheelers (129,547).

ikman.lk has earned a reputation of being the go-to website to buy and sell both registered and unregistered motorcycles and scooters. ikman.lk sees approximately 7,000 ad postings a month for the sales of motorcycles and scooters, cementing its position as the largest marketplace for two-wheelers. The number of interested buyers are also experiencing exponential growth.

ikman.lk allows interested buyers to browse through or search by brands sold, the mileage, the price range and the geographic location of the seller thereby assisting them in making an informed choice on what motorbike to purchase at the greatest possible convenience. The graphs below indicate some key search statistics on ikman.lk with regard to two-wheelers.

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The steady growth in this category is expected to continue into the foreseeable future and ikman.lk is well poised to capitalize on this trend, making it the go to resource for key purchasing information in the two-wheeler category.