ikman provides attractive incentives for sellers with a reduction in listing fees across multiple categories

ikman, Sri Lanka’s largest online marketplace has provided attractive incentives for sellers by reducing listing fees across multiple categories, the company announced recently.

In a move to encourage a faster sell-through process for customers and incentivize more sellers to join the platform, ikman now offers free listing for cars, vans, busses, lorries, heavy machinery and tractors priced below Rs. One million.

Additionally, houses, lands and commercial property below Rs. One million also have no listing fees applicable. For apartments, sellers can freely list units which are below Rs. Eight million.

Customers who wish to advertise their houses, lands, commercial property on rent basis – units which are offered for rent less than Rs. 10,000 a month have no listing fees. Moreover, for apartments too, rent less than Rs. 20,000 a month is also free of listing fees.

For three-wheelers and bike sellers, the listing fees have been reduced from Rs. 1,200 to an attractive value of Rs. 900 only.

This is an ideal opportunity for sellers to attract more customers and even encourage new users to come onboard and utilize the platform to experience a constant flow of potential new buyers.

With its massive reach ikman approves approximately 500 ads per day and over 200,000 per month. Thus, enhancing the value proposition provided to sellers, ikman offers a range of unique promotions catering to their varied needs. These promotions ensure the ads are prominent and showcased in novel ways.

The ikman ‘Top Ad’ promotion ensures the ad is visible and displayed at the top of the listing page. Top Ad draws buyers’ attention as they showcase the ‘Top Ad’ badge, highlighted in yellow, which stands out from regular ads. They also secure more views.

The ‘Daily Bump Up’ promotion automatically moves the ad to the top of the listings once per day, usually based on the time the promotion was purchased. As the process is automatic, it requires no extra effort and appears as if the ad has been posted daily, generating more responses.

The ‘Spotlight’ promotion is visually appealing with its clear design and large images. Sellers are assured of the premium spot and it is ideal for showcasing high-value items to generate immediate attention from buyers.

Communicating the urgency of the sale to potential buyers’ ikman’s ‘Urgent’ promotion helps the ad to stand out with a red tag.

With these promotions, sellers are assured of their ads standing out and reaching interested buyers quickly and with ease.

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