ikman’s pledge to reduce carbon footprint through conscious consumerism

Before the pandemic, one of the most pressuring crises that demanded our attention was climate change. COVID-19 may have reduced the activism and awareness campaigns taking place around this theme, but it didn’t take away the risk of the carbon footprint on humans, wildlife, and the ecosystem.

What is a carbon footprint and why does it matter?

This may sound like a buzzword that’s thrown around a lot. But it has serious consequences if timely action is not taken.

A carbon footprint is the total amount of greenhouse gases, especially carbon dioxide, released into the atmosphere as a result of human activity.

Higher carbon emission traps heat in the environment. This is the greenhouse effect. It changes the climate drastically and makes it unstable. The result is global warming, rising sea levels, and a threat to the habitats of many species.

Quick Facts

  • Experts recommend a limit of 2 tonnes per person per year. But the actual emission is twice this volume.
  • Individual activities make up to 45% of the total CO2 emission. The rest happens on an entity level. 
  • Small changes can make big differences. Positive changes in travel, food, energy and water use and waste management can reduce your carbon footprint.
  • The United States, China, and India are the three largest emitters in the world. Most countries are committed to the Paris Climate Agreement 2016 with the United Nations. This aims to reduce the impact of each country on climate change.

Source: United Nations (2008) and National Geographic (2019).

How does conscious consumerism help to reduce your carbon footprint?

We are in the midst of a hyper-consumerism society. Buying a new product is easier, fancier and even looks and feels better. But at what cost? The earth’s temperature rises at a rapid pace. The only solution is to commit to planting more trees, cutting down on burning fossil fuels, and making changes in how the manufacturing sector functions.

But what can you do on an individual level? Reuse and recycle may sound pretty dull and old now but did you know this is how we can curb the threat of climate change? If you make conscious changes to how you shop and use your resources, you might be doing a massive favour for this generation and future generations, too.

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How to recycle and reuse?

  1. Turn off lights, appliances, and heating when not in use.
  2. Buy secondhand furniture and electronics. This reduces the cost of fast fashion, prevents deforestation, and saves scarce water.
  3. Switch to LED lights.
  4. Look out for energy-efficiency when you buy new devices.
  5. Install renewable energy sources in your home and office if possible.
  6. Plant trees around your home.
  7. Recycle paper, steel, and tin cans
  8. Dispose of recyclable items responsibly. Clean them before throwing them away and don’t mix them with other junk. If possible, send it to a recycler.
  9. Donate clothes and broken electronics. Your trash is another man’s treasure. 
  10. Avoid wasting food and plan your purchases to avoid throwing away surplus food. 

What is #reusewithikman?

Sri Lankans are not new to the idea of preserving the old. Walk into any household and you will find furniture and collectibles from bygone eras. Our ancestors knew the value of maintaining old items. This trend to reuse is rising along with green consumerism and conscious spending patterns globally. 

We want to support buyers and sellers with this mindset through our platform. As the largest marketplace in Sri Lanka, we have a responsibility to encourage conscious buying. #Reusewithikman is an initiative to remind buyers of the environmental cost of common products. 

We offer ad posters a convenient way to sell furniture, electronics, and a range of other household items they no longer need. Rather than ending up in a landfill or gathering dust in your storeroom, you can now sell it to someone else and make money. Meanwhile, conscious buyers now have the ability to browse through our listings. Choose better quality pre-loved items at reasonable prices. 

Join us to make the online garage sale a long-term reality. Together, we can make conscious buying a lifestyle instead of a fad!

If you’re eager to be a part of this initiative, don’t wait any longer.  Grab the opportunity to do your part to save the planet. Post your ad on ikman right away! 

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