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Keep forgetting your passwords? now you can log in to ikman using just your phone number & OTP

Mobile apps or desktops, users are more interested in choosing a convenient and secure method while logging in to various online platforms. This ensures fast logging as well as secure browsing.

For the convenience of users, ikman has introduced the option to log in using a mobile number. In addition to email and Facebook, now there is an opportunity to log in to the ikman account with a phone number.

With this new option, there is no need to use a separate password to log in to ikman as users can now open an account using a phone number. By providing the phone number as the logging mode, users will receive an OTP via SMS and can log in directly using it. As a result, the possibility of hacking or viewing user account information from other smartphones or computers will be reduced and users do not have to remember the password to put each time.

Signing in using your phone number and OTP on ikman


Desktop View of the OTP Login

If the phone number provided by the user at the time of logging in is not linked to any other ikman account, the user will be prompted to create a new account by providing the required information. On the other hand, if the phone number is linked to an account, the user will be asked to verify the identity. If the identification is not assured then the users will be logged out and will be requested to contact the Support Team to resolve the situation.

Users can now also enjoy the facility of deleting and adding phone numbers from the ‘My account’ option. By doing this, it will be possible to overcome the problem of running multiple accounts with the same phone number.

What is OTP? Benefits of using OTP

OTP or One Time Password is a special type of password that you can use only once. OTP could be 4-6 digits long and must be used within a specified time. Here are some benefits of logging in using OTP:

  • OTP is a special way to identify the original user
  • No need to remember the password to log in every time
  • No one else can access your account if you are using OTP
  • OTP is a free service, there is no need to pay separately

In Summary

Unauthorized access to your sensitive information must be your biggest worry.  With the usage of an ultra layer of security can assist you to a more convenient shopping experience from ikman now.

We are hopeful that ikman users can now buy and sell easily and securely using mobile numbers. If you have any further queries in this regard, you can contact our customer support via email at support@ikman.lk or by calling our helpdesk number 0112 350 350.

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