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Kitchen equipment you can use to save yourself from the gas trouble

A lot of talk is in town about the gas cylinders being out of stock, and the gas prices hiking up, and now, the gas cylinders being blown up. To avoid all this trouble and save yourself from some kitchen disasters, we thought of bringing you some solutions. Today, we will discuss some of the kitchen equipment and electronics you can use while minimizing or eliminating the times you have to use gas cylinders.

Electric kettles

Electric kettles are a great way to save gas as heating water on gas can take a long time. With a power-efficient kettle, you can save gas and time. There is a wide range of electric kettles available in different capacities, colors, and materials. You can shop for the best deals on ikman, and get some of them delivered to your doorstep as well. 


Rice cookers

While you might be comfortable with the old methods, everyone uses a rice cooker as it is very convenient. You do not have to worry about your rice getting overcooked or undercooked. Rice cookers are a great way to save time and effort. If you haven’t invested in one, quickly visit ikman.lk to see your options now!


Induction cooker

An induction cooker is a flat surface with a built-in coil that can control the heat. These cookers only use electricity for cooking. Using these instead of a gas can save you from a lot of trouble. They are easy to clean as well. Note that some of your old tupperware and saucepans might not work on this, if they do not have a flat bottom. There are so many brands that sell induction cookers in Sri Lanka. You can find them all in one place at ikman!


Microwave oven

Many people already use microwaves at their houses. These use electromagnetic radiation in the microwave frequency, hence the name. There was once a myth that microwaves are unhealthy, and it was proven wrong. Microwaves can easily cook and heat your food in a matter of seconds or minutes. They run on electricity, so you do not have to worry about gas. Microwaves come in different capacities, so be sure to pick the right size for you. 


Bonus point!

You might wonder how these appliances will affect your electricity bill! Now is a good time to invest in solar panels if you haven’t already! Solar panels is a one-time investment that can save you a lot of money, and it is worth it! You can find solar panel systems and installation services easily on ikman. 


So there you have it! Our list of recommendations for your kitchen. You can use these electronics and appliances to save yourself from a lot of trouble, safety, and money. Say goodbye to the days you were running around, waiting in the queue. To find anything and everything for your kitchen, visit www.ikman.lk today!


Is an induction cooker better than gas?

Yes. They’re more efficient than gas and provide 90% heat for the food whereas gas only provides 45-50%.

Which rice cooker brands are good in Sri Lanka?

The major brands are Abans, Singer, Arpico, Innovex, Panasonic, and USHA. Check for a warranty before you buy one.

Should I buy a plastic electric kettle or stainless steel?

Plastic ones are safe and more durable, at the same time they are more cost-effective.

Can using a microwave oven be bad for health?

No, that is just a myth.

Can I use these appliances and remove the gas cylinder?

Absolutely. These appliances will replace every task you did using a gas cooker.

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