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A look at the Samsung refrigerator range

Samsung has a reputation in many parts of the world of being an outstanding company regarding the manufacturing of kitchen appliances, home appliances, white goods and electronics. One of the machines they are most famous for is their line of refrigerators, which are known to last a long time because they are very high quality. The amount of refrigerators currently available from Samsung is very large. It does not matter what your specific needs are or how large your family is, Samsung will have a refrigerator that you will be happy with. If you are going to be buying a refrigerator in the near future, this article should provide you with some valuable insight concerning several of the current Samsung models available on the market.

1. Samsung Energy Star 24.5 cubic foot refrigerator. Model # RS25H5000BC

This model has an exterior that is black and contains several features that will enable you to prevent your food from spoiling for an extended period of time. It has a storage space with enough room for the food storage needs of many people, so it is ideal for a large household. You will also find drawers, shelves, crispers and door bins. Power Cool and Power Freeze will allow you to chill certain food items for a short period of time. The freezer section of the unit contains door bins, shelves and a compact ice maker. It will also help you save on electricity because of the LED lighting.

2. Samsung Energy Star 28.2 cubic foot refrigerator with freezer drawer, FlexZone drawer and French doors. Model # RF28HMEDBBC

The sleek look of this black exterior model will be a nice addition to any kitchen. It includes a storage drawer that is temperature controlled with a few different sections. This will let a person keep different foods and varying temperatures that are necessary to preserve that particular item. If you need to store food for a party of snacks for your children, this is the ideal unit to use. The Twin Cooling Plus system that this model comes with will make sure your family’s food stays fresh all the time. The humidity this model is capable of creating if five times what one cooling unit can produce. Six pounds of ice each day can be produced by the ice maker. You will always have enough ice because the unit can store five pounds.

3. Samsung 26 cubic foot refrigerator/freezer with integrated water/ice dispenser and four French doors. Model # RF4267

If you are a person who is always doing a large amount of cooking, this model will be perfect for you. It comes complete with four shelves, five door bins and two crispers that are humidity controlled. You will also find a dispenser for ice and filtered water. An enormous amount of food can be stored in this refrigerator because of its large size. When viewed from the outside, it has dimensions that are close to other models. However, its interior storage area is much greater. The unit looks great mainly because of the stainless steel accents it contains.

4. Samsung Energy Star 28 cubic foot refrigerator with cool select pantry and a freezer drawer. Model # RF28HFEDBSR

This model comes fully equipped with high efficiency LED lighting, making all of the food you decide to store inside it very easy to see at all times. You will not have any problems seeing the food in the back. Constructed from beautiful stainless steel, this unit will add to the appearance of any kitchen. You will have the ability to control the temperature at which you story various items of food thanks to the cool select pantry option. The temperature of the unit has a total of four different settings for you to choose from. Deli, chilled, smoked and fresh are the names of the options. When you decide to store items of food within the drawer of the cool select pantry, it will be stored at a temperature that is different than the main storage area of the unit. More than three times the amount of humidity that traditional cooling systems produce can be generated by the Twin Cooling Plus system contained inside this unit. During a span of 24 hours, a total of seven pounds of ice can be produced by the ice maker. It has the capacity to store up to four pounds of ice.

5. Samsung 20 cubic foot capacity bottom 33-inch refrigerator. Model # RB215ACPN

This model contains the twin cooling system that was created exclusively by Samsung. This remarkable invention enables air that is cooled to be split into two different channels and supplied separately to the compartments of the freezer and refrigerator areas. Because of this, the flow of the air for the two areas will constantly remain apart from one another. This will enable the freezer air to always remain more dry than the air being diverted to the rest of the unit. In the vast majority of other single cooling systems you will find on other manufacturer models, their power consumption is not nearly as efficient as this model. This is very good news for your electric bill. If you eat a lot of vegetables and fruits, they will be able to remain fresh for a period of time much greater than many other models on the market. The door bin is extremely deep and made this way so you will be able to store tall bottles effortlessly. You will be able to place this unit in any location that you want in your kitchen because of the fact it contains doors that are completely reversible. The handles on each of the doors are able to be switched depending on what hand you are the most comfortable using to open and close the doors. The temperature inside the unit is constantly shown on a display on the door. This display will also indicate when changing of the water filter should occur. It will also allow you to control the dispenser for water and ice.

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